2012 Animation Movies

Fresh Guacamole (2012)

Fresh Guacamole

    • 2 min
    • Animation

    In this follow-up to his stop-motion hit Western Spaghetti, director PES transforms familiar objects into Fresh Guacamole.

    Gladiators of Rome (2012)

    Gladiators of Rome

      • PG
      • 94 min
      • Adventure

      It is the age of Imperial Rome.Young Timo is an orphan of Pompeii's terrible eruption, adopted be general Chirone and raised in the famous Gladiator's Academy in Rome. Is this the beginning of a new legend? The legend of a great hero? Not so much! Timo is not exactly gladiator material! He just wants to hang out with his friends, Ciccius and Mauritius, and avoid his stepfather's bizarre training sessions at all costs! However, when Timo meets the lovely Lucilla, he decides to change his life...

      Goodnight, Mr. Foot (2012)

      Goodnight, Mr. Foot

        • G
        • 4 min
        • Short

        Bigfoot checks into Dracula's resort,where he meets an energetic witch-maid.

        Gummibär: the Yummy Gummy Search for Santa (2012)

        Gummibär: the Yummy Gummy Search for Santa

          • NONE
          • 50 min
          • Animation

          The internet sensation Gummibär makes his feature length film debut in Gummibär: TheYummy Gummy Search For Santa available on DVD, Digital Download and On Demand on November 6 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment.

          Head Over Heels (2012)

          Head Over Heels

            • 10 min
            • Animation

            After many years of marriage, Walter and Madge have grown apart: he lives on the floor and she lives on the ceiling. When Walter tries to reignite their old romance, their equilibrium comes crashing down, and the couple that can't agree which way is up must find a way put their marriage back together.

            It's Such a Beautiful Day

            • 100%
            • 62 min
            • Animation

            Bill struggles to put together his shattered psyche, in this new feature film version of Don Hertzfeldt's animated short film trilogy.

            Justice League: Doom (2012)

            Justice League: Doom

              • PG-13
              • 77 min
              • Animation

              Ra's al Ghul steals confidential files Batman has compiled on the members of the Justice League, and learns all their weaknesses.

              Le jour des corneilles (2012)

              Le jour des corneilles

                • 96 min
                • Animation

                In a cabin of the deep of the forest, a child and his father leas a wild and hard life in utmost isolation. The child grows up fearing and admiring his father, with the ghosts haunting the forest as his only companions. Until the day he discovers the neighbouring village and meets a young girl there, Manon. At her side, he discovers that love exists. From then on he won't cease to search for the place where his father's love for him is hiding.

                Little Brother, Big Trouble: A Christmas Adventure (2012)

                Little Brother, Big Trouble: A Christmas Adventure

                  • G
                  • 79 min
                  • Animation

                  Set right before Christmas, Niko the reindeer must deal with his mom getting re-married and his being tasked with looking after his little stepbrother.

                  Little White Lie

                    • Animation

                    No plot details for the animated film project that comes from an original idea by Pinkava, who won an Oscar for the animated short film "Geri's Game" and has also worked on the Pixar movies "Ratatouille," "Monsters, Inc.," "Toy Story 2" and "A Bug's Life."

                    Madoka Magica The Movie Part I: The Beginning Story (2012)

                    Madoka Magica The Movie Part I: The Beginning Story

                      • NONE
                      • 130 min
                      • Animation

                      The movies are set to be a trilogy with the first two being recap of the anime series and the last one being a continuation of the Madoka Magica story.

                      Mardock Scramble: The Third Exhaust (2012)

                      Mardock Scramble: The Third Exhaust

                        • NC-17
                        • 68 min
                        • Animation

                        Third film of the Mardock Scramble series.

                        Mass Effect: Paragon Lost (2012)

                        Mass Effect: Paragon Lost

                          • NONE
                          • 84 min
                          • Animation

                          An anime film based on the popular BioWare video game.

                          Moon Man (2012)

                          Moon Man

                            • 95 min
                            • Animation

                            One night, a shooting star appears, whizzing through outer space towards the moon. Moon Man seizes his chance, grabs the speeding comet by the tail and hitches a ride to earth. This 'attack from outer space' sets the alarm bells ringing in the Presidential Headquarters. While escaping the President and his soldiers, Moon Man sets off on a long journey and marvels at the many wonders the earth has to offer – and he realizes how much children love and need him.

                            N.A.S.A.: The Spirit of Apollo (2012)

                            N.A.S.A.: The Spirit of Apollo

                              • NONE
                              • 56 min
                              • Documentary

                              N.A.S.A. The Spirit of Apollo is a documentary film that chronicles Sam Spiegel and DJ Zegon's worldwide travels and collaborations that led to 2009's groundbreaking LP on the same name.

                              The film will be released on March 26, 2013 across various cable and broadband platforms, including iTunes, PlayStation, Amazon, Vudu, YouTube, Xbox, Roxio, Blinkbox, and more. The same day N.A.S.A. will release a new single, featured in the opening titles of the film, entitled "Hide" featuring Aynzli Jones....


                                • Animation
                                O Apóstolo (2012)

                                O Apóstolo

                                  • NONE
                                  • 80 min
                                  • Animation

                                  A 3D mystery drama, and Cortizo's feature film debut, toon feature "Apostolo" turns on an apparently sleepy Galician village just off the Way of St. James, which lives under a 600-year curse.

                                  Pablo (2012)


                                    • 90 min
                                    • Animation

                                    Pablo blends documentary and animation elements to tell the saga of "famous unknown" Pablo Ferro, a man with a personal journey that spans from Havana, during the pre-Cuban revolution to his current home, in the garage behind his son's house.

                                    Paperman (2012)


                                      • G
                                      • 7 min
                                      • Animation

                                      New Disney short Paperman will be attached to Wreck-It Ralph.

                                      Using a minimalist black-and-white style, the short follows the story of a lonely young man in mid-century New York City, whose destiny takes an unexpected turn after a chance meeting with a beautiful woman on his morning commute. Convinced the girl of his dreams is gone forever, he gets a second chance when he spots her in a skyscraper window across the avenue from his office. With only his heart, imagination and a stack of papers...

                                      Pinocchio (2012)


                                        • Unrated
                                        • 75 min
                                        • Animation

                                        Geppetto the carpenter carves the object of his hidden desires out of a log: a puppet that will keep him company and will be like a son to him. He will call him Pinocchio. Imagine his surprise when he discovers that the puppet moves, as if by magic, and is gifted with a life on its own. Written by Anonymous