2012 Animation Movies

The Simpsons: The Longest Daycare (2012)

The Simpsons: The Longest Daycare

    • PG
    • 5 min
    • Animation

    Baby Maggie makes a return visit to the Ayn Rand School for Tots, which doesn’t start promisingly, as a machine scans her and determines that her future is “nothing special.”

    The Suicide Shop (2012)

    The Suicide Shop

      • 80 min
      • Animation

      In this merrily malignant animated musical from celebrated filmmaker Patrice Leconte, a family in the business of giving the business to people wanting to end it all are faced with a dreadful dilemma: their son and heir is incurably cheerful, optimistic and life-loving. Kids today!

      Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings (2012)

      Tinker Bell: Secret of the Wings

        • G
        • 92 min
        • Animation

        Tinker Bell meets Periwinkle and ventures into the winter woods with her and Tinker Bell's other friends to find the secret of fairy wings.

        Toy Story: Partysaurus Rex (2012)

        Toy Story: Partysaurus Rex

          • G
          • 7 min
          • Animation

          Rex gets drafted for bath time and encounters a sad lot of rub-a-dub-dub cohorts.


            • Animation

            "Truckers" is based on The Bromeliad Trilogy by fantasy legend Terry Pratchett and written by Academy Award® winning writer, Simon Beaufoy. A society of tiny beings lives in a department store, right underfoot and unseen by the humans that shop there. To them, the store is the entire universe. And when they discover that the store is slated for demolition, they must embark on an epic journey to find a new home... ultimately learning that their true home is literally out of this world!

            War of the Worlds: Goliath (2012)

            War of the Worlds: Goliath

              • PG-13
              • 85 min
              • Action

              Fifteen years have passed since the Martians’ first failed invasion of Earth. The year is 1914, and at the eve of World War I, Mars launches a sudden and more devastating second attack. A small defense force, A.R.E.S., is Earth’s only hope. The giant A.R.E.S. battle tripod GOLIATH is called up to war, and its young multinational crew must face their fears in their struggle to save Humanity from the alien invaders.

              Welcome to the Jungle

                • Animation

                Jamie Foxx is attached to voice animated film.

                Yak (2012)


                  • PG
                  • 96 min
                  • Animation

                  A re-interpretation of Ramayana, the Thai animation film tells the story of a giant robot, Na Kiew, who's left wandering in a barren wasteland after a great war. Na Kiew meets Jao Phuek, a puny tin robot who's lost his memory and is now stuck with his new big friend. Together they set out across the desert populated by metal scavengers, to look for Ram, the creator of all robots.