2012 August Movies (By Date)

Assassin's Bullet (2012)

Assassin's Bullet

    • R
    • 89 min
    • Action

    When an unknown vigilante begins killing high-priority terrorists from America’s Most Wanted list in Europe, a former FBI field agent (Christian Slater) is brought in by the US Ambassador (Donald Sutherland) to discover the identity of the assassin.

    Destinea, Our Island

      • 74 min
      • Drama

      A woman is stranded on a deserted island with her sister's husband. Together, they must fight for their lives and against the basic laws of human nature.

      Craigslist Joe (2012)

      Craigslist Joe

      • 20%
      • NONE
      • 90 min
      • Documentary

      In a time when America's economy was crumbling and sense of community was in question, one guy left everything behind to see if he could survive solely on the support and goodwill of the 21st century's new town square: Craigslist.

      Dabbe: Bir cin vakasi (2012)

      Dabbe: Bir cin vakasi

        • 119 min
        • Horror

        Turkish director Hasan Karacadag is something of an unusual case. In a nation that appears uncertain how to feel about its own history with exploitation film and generally reluctant to embrace genre film - though there are obvious exceptions - Karacadag has jumped headlong into the horror pool. The director first came to attention with the J-horror influenced [email protected], a surprise hit in Turkey that allowed Karacadag to move on to the more visually ambitious - and effects heavy - effort, Semum. Both...

        Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days (2012)

        Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days

        • 51%
        • PG
        • 94 min
        • Comedy

        The third film in the popular series based on Jeff Kinney’s popular books.

        Lore (2012)


        • 94%
        • NONE
        • 108 min
        • Drama

        Left to fend for herself when her SS officer father and mother, a staunch Nazi believer, are captured by the victorious Allies at the end of World War II, Lore, a fourteen-year-old German girl (striking newcomer Saskia Rosendahl,) must lead her four siblings on a harrowing journey across a devastated country. When she meets the charismatic and mysterious young refugee Thomas, (Kai Malina, The White Ribbon,) Lore soon finds her world shattered by feelings of hatred and desire as she must put her...

        Total Recall (2012)

        Total Recall

        • 30%
        • PG-13
        • 121 min
        • Action

        Welcome to Rekall, the company that can turn your dreams into real memories. For a factory worker named Douglas Quaid, even though he's got a beautiful wife who he loves, the mind-trip sounds like the perfect vacation from his frustrating life. But when the procedure goes horribly wrong, Quaid becomes a hunted man. Finding himself on the run from the police - controlled by Chancellor Cohaagen, the leader of the free world - Quaid teams up with a rebel fighter to find the head of the underground...

        Defiant Requiem (2012)

        Defiant Requiem

          • 85 min
          • Documentary

          A memorial concert reawakens the story of an artistic uprising in the Nazi concentration camp, Terezin, where a chorus of 150 inmates confronts the Nazis face-to-face - and sings to them what they dare not say.

          Bel Borba Aqui (2012)

          Bel Borba Aqui

          • 54%
          • NONE
          • 95 min
          • Documentary

          Tattooed onto the skin of Salvador, Brazil, are ubiquitous public artworks created by the artist Bel. Salvador is a 500 year old city with a rich cultural heritage. The documentary film reflects the intimate relationship between this historically unique city and her beloved native son. This lyrical journey shares his joy and madness: creating large-scale outdoor art at lightning speed and then working alone in deep introspection. His exuberant personality shines as he draws inspiration from his...

          Celeste and Jesse Forever (2012)

          Celeste and Jesse Forever

          • 70%
          • R
          • 91 min
          • Comedy

          A humorous and honest examination of a broken heart and the long, hard road it takes to heal it, Celeste and Jesse Forever focuses on a young couple in the midst of a divorce who attempt to maintain their friendship while pursuing new relationships.

          The film is a romantic comedy co-written by Rashida Jones ("Parks and Recreation," I Love You, Man) and Will McCormack.

          The End of Time (2012)

          The End of Time

            • 109 min
            • Documentary

            Explores our perception of time.

            Free Radicals: A History of Experimental Film (2012)

            Free Radicals: A History of Experimental Film

            • 83%
            • Unrated
            • 82 min
            • Documentary

            What is experimental film, and why is it called that? Artists and poet working in celluloid since before WWI have always found themselves in a no man's land. Excluded both from the art world and from the film industry, they bodly created a grassroots network for making and showing their films. They also created a profound body of work that continues to influence our culture. I wanted to share a few of the films I love and introduce you some of the free, radicals artists who made...

            Mosquita y Mari (2012)

            Mosquita y Mari

            • 92%
            • NONE
            • 85 min
            • Drama

            After being assigned as study partners, two Chicana high schoolers find a bond that confuses them at times.

            Jism 2 (2012)

            Jism 2

              • 130 min
              • Drama

              A porn star (Sunny Leone) is hired by a dashing intelligence officer (Arunoday Singh) to become a 'Honey-trap' for a dreaded assassin (Randeep Hooda). In doing so, she not only has to confront her bitter-sweet past, but is also forced to make an impossible choice - one that will put her own life in double jeopardy.

              ParaNorman (2012)


              • 87%
              • PG
              • 93 min
              • Animation

              In the comedy thriller ParaNorman, a small town comes under siege by zombies. Who can it call? Only misunderstood local boy Norman (voiced by Kodi Smit-McPhee), who is able to speak with the dead. In addition to the zombies, he’ll have to take on ghosts, witches and, worst of all, moronic grown-ups, to save his town from a centuries-old curse. But this young ghoul whisperer may find his paranormal activities pushed to their otherworldly limits.

              The Nullarbor Nymph (2012)

              The Nullarbor Nymph

                • Unrated
                • 67 min

                Following two Water Australia employees who travel out along the Nullarbor Plain only to discover they are being hunted by the mythological creature, the Nullarbor Nymph.

                - Written by


                The Reverend (2012)

                The Reverend

                  • 98 min
                  • Horror

                  Fresh from seminary school, a new Reverend embarks on his first parish: A small, low-maintenance chapel based in the idyllic setting of a quiet country village. While on the surface the village seems to be a peaceful parish, with perfect residents, soon it becomes apparent that something more sinister lurks beneath the façade of a local businessman. On a wet, cold night, a mysterious girl visits the Reverend at the chapel. She is welcomed in warmly, but soon it becomes apparent that her visit...

                  London - The Modern Babylon (2012)

                  London - The Modern Babylon

                    • NONE
                    • 125 min
                    • Documentary

                    Director Julien Temple (Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten) time-travels through London from the start of the 20th century to the 2012 Olympics, threading past and present voices with film archives and popular music across the century.

                    Beat Down

                      • NONE
                      • 89 min
                      • Comedy

                      Marthe Bernard stars in this Canadian comedy about a headstrong teenage girl who dreams of becoming a professional wrestler decides to run away from her stubborn former pro-wrestler, father (Robb Wells, "Trailer Park Boys") to train with his one time rival.

                      The Babymakers (2012)

                      The Babymakers

                      • 8%
                      • R
                      • 93 min
                      • Comedy

                      After failing to get his wife pregnant, a guy (Schneider) recruits his pals to steal the deposit he left at a sperm bank years ago.