2013 August Movies

Approaching Midnight (2013)

Approaching Midnight

    • PG
    • 86 min
    • Crime

    A gripping military themed action drama that follows young Army staff sergeant Wesley Kent (Sam Logan Khaleghi) who returns to his small town America home from war abroad. Kent must cope with burying the body of his best friend who passed away under his command Corporal AJ Culpepper (Brandon T. Jackson) and solving the mystery behind the tragic accident that took the life of his girlfriend, Aspen Malverne (Jana Kramer) who also passed away in a car accident while he was abroad. After seeking...

    Approximately Nels Cline

      • Unrated
      • 27 min

      Taking a break from ultra serious documentaries, Academy Award-winning filmmaker Steven Okazaki has joined forces with legendary Fantasy Studios to create an extraordinary film on the music of Nels Cline, best known as lead guitarist of the Chicago-based Wilco. Dubbed a 'Guitar God' by Rolling Stone magazine, Nels Cline plays everything from punk to blues, rock to traditional, jazz to unbridled mad experimentation. 'Approximately Nels Cline' showcases Nels' astonishing range,...

      B.A. Pass (2013)

      B.A. Pass

        • 95 min
        • Crime

        After losing his parents in a car accident, Mukesh stays at his Aunt's house in Delhi. Enrolled in a good for nothing course in college he finds peace by playing chess at the local cemetery, the rest of the times he worries over ways to make a living and taking care of his sisters. 'B.A.Pass' is a story looking at the fatal promise of a new life. When Mukesh meets Sarika 'auntie' at a kitty party, little does he know of the city and it's ways and means to survive. Sarika seduces Mukesh, shy and...

        Bad Milo (2013)

        Bad Milo

          • R
          • 85 min
          • Comedy

          Duncan's (Ken Marino) life is a real pain in the ass. Tormented by a manipulative, crooked boss (Patrick Warburton), a nagging mother (Mary Kay Place), a deadbeat new age dad (Stephen Root), and a sweet, yet pressuring, wife (Gillian Jacobs), his mounting stress starts to trigger an insufferable gastrointestinal reaction.

          Out of ideas and at the end of his rope, Duncan seeks the help of a hypnotherapist (Peter Stormare), who helps him discover the root of his unusual stomach pain: a pintsized...

          Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo? (2013)

          Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?

            • Unrated
            • 100 min
            • Romance

            It tells the story of a brainy ugly duckling girl and on how she turns into someone who's worth loving.

            - Written by


            Battle Ground (2013)

            Battle Ground

              • R
              • 95 min
              • Action

              Three British soldiers find themselves stranded in No Man's Land after a failed charge on the German Trenches. Set in France 1916.

              Billy the Kid (2013)

              Billy the Kid

                • PG-13
                • 80 min
                • Action

                A lone bounty hunter kills an outlaw gang member and all hell breaks loose. When soon-to-be-legendary Billy the Kid's mother is killed in the gang's bloody retaliation, he is forced to team up with the mysterious bounty hunter to avenge her death. Soon, he'll discover that his and the bounty hunter's lives are fatefully entwined in this shoot 'em-up tale of gun smoke and justice in the Old West.

                Blood Shot (2013)

                Blood Shot

                  • 95 min
                  • Action

                  Based on the award winning short film, Blood Shot is the story of a cop named Rip whose life falls apart as he chases a terminator-like vampire, who happens to be a hitman for the CIA. They must join forces to stop a terrorist cell before its too late, battling through obstacles such as a harem, giant eunuch, demon-genie, and even explosive midgets.

                  Blumenthal (2013)


                    • NONE
                    • 86 min
                    • Comedy

                    Celebrated playwright, Harold Blumenthal, has passed away after succumbing to cardiac arrest while laughing at his own joke. Now, Harold's estranged and jealous brother, Saul, must confront his personal hang-ups in order to deliver himself from an epic bout of constipation. Meanwhile, Saul's wife Cheryl and son Ethan must grapple with their own personal obstacles through a set of circumstances so improbably ironic, they might as well have been lifted from one of Harold's plays.

                    Chennai Express (2013)

                    Chennai Express

                    • 67%
                    • NONE
                    • 141 min
                    • Action

                    Rahul embarks on a journey to a small town in Tamil Nadu to fulfill the last wish of his grandfather: to have his ashes immersed in the Holy water of Rameshwaram. En route, he meets a woman hailing from a unique family down South. As they find love through this journey in the exuberant lands of South India, an unanticipated drive awaits them.

                    Clear History

                      • NONE
                      • 101 min
                      • Comedy

                      Larry David stars as a marketing executive at a start-up electric car company who gives up his ten percent of the business after a petty argument with his boss. The company subsequently makes billions of dollars, destroying his life and leaving him publicly humiliated. Ten years later, after changing his name and moving to a small island off the Massachusetts coast, all is well – until something from the past threatens his new life. Jon Hamm, Bill Hader, Philip Baker Hall, Kate Hudson,...

                      Coffee, Kill Boss (2013)

                      Coffee, Kill Boss

                        • Comedy

                        When ten executives secretly meet to sell off their company, they're murdered one by one in this darkly comedic romp through the halls of corporate America.

                        Corazón de león (2013)

                        Corazón de león

                          • 94 min
                          • Comedy

                          Ivana Cornejo is just getting used to being single again after her divorce three years ago. After an exasperating call from her ex-husband, she throws her cell phone away. Fortunately, the man who finds it calls her to return it, and to her amusement they have an instant rapport. The man on the other end of the phone is León Godoy, a renowned architect with a charming voice and a charismatic personality. They schedule a date so that he can return the cell phone. When León arrives, Ivana is...

                          Cutie and the Boxer (2013)

                          Cutie and the Boxer

                          • 96%
                          • NONE
                          • 81 min
                          • Documentary

                          As a rowdy young Neo-Dadaist artist in Tokyo, Ushio yearned for international recognition, so in 1969 he set sail for New York City. Nineteen-year-old Noriko came to New York to study art, where she met and fell in love with Ushio, 21 years her senior. Putting her own artistic ambitions on hold, Noriko dedicated herself to supporting her husband's career. Over the course of their marriage, the roles of assistant and artist have slowly begun to transform. Now 80, Ushio, widely known for his...

                          Dark Tourist (2013)

                          Dark Tourist

                          • 38%
                          • NONE
                          • 84 min
                          • Drama

                          A psychological-thriller in the haunting tradition of films like Taxi Driver and Monster, The Grief Tourist takes us into the chilling labyrinth of a man's dark hobby and his even darker mind. Jim Tahana doesn't leave much of an impression when he passes you by. But look closer and you'll sense his hunger - the deep hunger of an insatiable American soul - always scanning to devour something - anything that might fill the searing, unexplained void within him. Jim obsesses over the hobby that has...

                          Darkchylde (2013)


                            • Drama

                            Master of Horror set to bring you the girl of your dreams. John Carpenter is onboard to direct Darkchylde, based on the comic by Randy Queen about a good hearted southern teen cursed to become the creatures from her many recurring nightmares. Every time Ariel Chylde transforms, she sheds her skin and a new nightmare emerges from her Id to act out her deepest, darkest impulses.

                            Dual (2013)


                              • Unrated
                              • 102 min
                              • Documentary

                              Due to a weather problem a plane from Denmark is forced to land at the Slovene airport. Amongst the passengers, being taken to a hotel in Ljubljana, is a quiet, beautiful young Danish girl Iben (25). This is how she meets Tina (25) who drives a shuttle as a summer job. They both need each other, but are very careful because one of them is hiding a secret. They speak to each other in English and in their native languages. Only one of the two languages has the so-called dual, a...

                              Easy Rider: The Ride Back (2013)

                              Easy Rider: The Ride Back

                                • R
                                • 105 min
                                • Adventure

                                40 years ago Easy Rider captured America's imagination as the counterculture found that explored an era and it's trials tribulations. Now parts sequel, part prequel, Easy Rider The Ride Back goes into the family lineage of Wyatt, “ Capt. America” Williams (played in the original by Peter Fonda) and the family through the decades of the 40s 50s 60s and 70s to present-day. Juxtaposed against the families love affair with motorcycles the film delves into issues of love, war, honor and...

                                Final Prayer (2013)

                                Final Prayer

                                  • R
                                  • 89 min
                                  • Horror

                                  Follows a team of Vatican investigators sent to the British West Country to investigate reports of paranormal activity at a remote church.

                                  Fright Night 2: New Blood (2013)

                                  Fright Night 2: New Blood

                                    • R
                                    • 88 min
                                    • Comedy

                                    Directed by Eduardo Rodriguez, the sequel to the 2011 reboot introduces “Dexter” star Jaime Murray as Gerri (who looks crazy hot in the film), who is Charlie (Will Payne) and his horror obsessed friend “Evil” Ed’s (Chris Waller) young attractive professor. When the new villainess vamp turns Ed, Charlie seeks out Peter Vincent, the infamous vampire hunter (well, he plays one on TV) who is in Romania filming his show “Fright Night,” to teach him how to take down Gerri before she...