2014 Documentary Movies (By Date)

Mom, Dad, I'm Muslim

    • 58 min
    • Documentary

    Sukkah City

      • 67 min
      • Documentary

      City of Memory

        • 75 min
        • Documentary


          • Superhero

          Ocean's Eleven meets the X-Men when seven supervillains head to Europe to pull the biggest job of their career where there are no supervillains to stop them.

          The Promoter

            • 76 min
            • Documentary
            Echoes of Time (2014)

            Echoes of Time

              • Unrated
              • 92 min
              • Documentary

              Taking inspiration from the history of conflict throughout Eastern Europe, Echoes Of Time examines the concept of the illusion of freedom.

              The Ballad of Shovels and Rope (2014)

              The Ballad of Shovels and Rope

                • 72 min
                • Documentary

                The Ballad of Shovels and Rope captures the tours and detours of a husband and wife as they create and release the critically acclaimed album, O' Be Joyful. From working for tips to becoming "Emerging Artist of the Year," the two-man family band uses ingenuity and hard work to create something out of nothing.

                Ride with Larry

                  • 92 min
                  • Documentary

                  "Ride with Larry" puts a human face on the day-to-day fight against Parkinson's through the story of Larry Smith, a retired police captain, now beloved small-town baker. After twenty years with Parkinson's, Larry attempts to ride 300 miles across his state of South Dakota with the support of his family and community to show the power of keeping your body active and mind positive, proving that the best cure is living life to its fullest. The film follows Larry as attempts to push his limits and...

                  Top Spin

                    • 12 min
                    • Biography

                    A Different Kind of Farm

                      • 64 min
                      • Biography

                      Three Times Moving: Three New Times Begin...

                        • 8 min
                        • Documentary

                        70 Hester Street

                          • 11 min
                          • Biography

                          A Film Is a Film Is a Film

                            • 17 min
                            • Biography

                            Sweet Thunder

                              • Biography

                              The life story of boxer, Sugar Ray Robinson.

                              Aka Dan

                                • 96 min
                                • Adventure

                                YouTube musician and Korean American adoptee Dan Matthews travels to South Korea to perform and reunite with his biological family, including a long lost twin he never knew he had.

                                130919: A Portrait of Marina Abramovic

                                  • 7 min
                                  • Biography


                                    • 31 min
                                    • Documentary

                                    Here Was Cuba

                                      • 78 min
                                      • Documentary

                                      7 Years Underground: A 60's Tale

                                        • 95 min
                                        • Biography