2014 February Movies

Hallåhallå (2014)


    • 98 min
    • Comedy

    Disa's husband has found himself a new love and a new future, while Disa has found herself in an unsatisfactory life. But one day a chatty father with seven children appearance, an uncommunicative patient at Disa's hostipal has begun to open up, and a new martial arts teacher has begun teaching in this small town in Dalarna.

    Hasee Toh Phasee (2014)

    Hasee Toh Phasee

      • NONE
      • 141 min
      • Comedy

      On the eve of Nikhil and Karishma’s engagement, Karishma’s wealthy father, Devesh Solanki, expresses his disapproval, believing Nikhil to be a lackadaisical young man. With one week to prove himself worthy to marry Karishma, Nikhil and Karishma's sister, Meeta, grow closer to each other.

      Haunt (2014)


      • 36%
      • R
      • 86 min
      • Horror

      An introverted teen sparks with his new neighbor, and together the couple begins to explore the haunted house that is family has unknowingly just purchased.

      Haunting of the Innocent (2014)

      Haunting of the Innocent

        • NONE
        • 90 min
        • Thriller

        Desperate to reconnect with his wife and son after a violent attack leaves them fear-stricken and traumatized, a father moves his family to a sleepy New England town and finds himself in a fight against supernatural forces hell-bent on tearing them apart.

        Hello! Junichi (2014)

        Hello! Junichi

          • Unrated
          • 90 min
          • Comedy

          Katsuhito Ishii ("Funky Forest: The First Contact" and "The Taste of Tea") takes on the story of Junichi--a timid third grader who can't muster the courage to return an eraser he borrowed from his secret crush--and turns it into a children's rock 'n' roll comedy. Junichi's world is turned upside down as apprentice teacher Anna-sensei (Hikari Mitsushima) scraps her lesson plan to show the rambunctious students about life as an adult. With Anna's unorthodox style, Junichi and his friends are able...

          Inverse (2014)


            • 119 min
            • Romance

            A man wakes up as himself in a parallel universe.

            Jack Strong (2014)

            Jack Strong

              • 128 min
              • Action

              A spy thriller telling a historically based story of a man who alone dares to challenge Soviets being in the middle of the communistic system himself. Planning the maneuvers of Warsaw Pact forces he discovers that the American plans of nuclear counterattack against Soviet forces is planned to be executed on Polish territory. Thanks to his determination he starts a long, lonely and psychologically exhausting cooperation with CIA. From that moment the life of his and his family is in danger as...

              Joy of Man's Desiring (2014)

              Joy of Man's Desiring

              • 78%
              • Unrated
              • 70 min
              • Documentary

              Perhaps the most internationally recognized of contemporary Quebec filmmakers, Denis Cote has fashioned a singularly protean body of work over the past decade. With his recent features, he has freely and unapologetically mixed documentary and narrative conventions, as well as alternating between (relatively) commercial films and more uncategorizable, experimental projects. JOY OF MAN'S DESIRING is a cinematic reflection on the nature of work that pivots almost continuously from mode to mode,...

              Justice League: War (2014)

              Justice League: War

                • PG-13
                • 79 min
                • Animation

                The world's finest heroes found the Justice League in order to stop an alien invasion of Earth.

                Kankerlijers (2014)


                  • Comedy

                  Three teenagers appear to have a lot of fun on the children's oncology department on the fourth floor of a large hospital. Nick (14) and Iwan (15) both lost a leg as a result of bone cancer. For their friend Olivier (16) an amputation may be the next phase. The fourth of the bunch, Pepijn (15), is so ill and weak that he often stays in his room. Friendship and a deep desire to live keeps the guys mentally balanced. And of course their interest in sexy girls makes them act like any ordinary...

                  Kartellet (2014)


                    • 100 min
                    • Drama

                    The successful entrepreneur Lars Halbo returns to Denmark when he inherits the family firm, but when he refuses to cooperate in illegal cartel pricing, his little company comes under heavy pressure.

                    Kids for Cash (2014)

                    Kids for Cash

                    • 91%
                    • PG-13
                    • 102 min
                    • Crime

                    Kids For Cash is a riveting look behind the notorious judicial scandal that rocked the nation. Beyond the millions paid and high stakes corruption, Kids For Cash exposes a shocking American secret. In the wake of the shootings at Columbine, a small town celebrates a charismatic judge who is hell-bent on keeping kids in line...until one parent dares to question the motives behind his brand of justice. This real life thriller reveals the untold stories of the masterminds at the center of the...

                    Killers (2014)


                      • 137 min
                      • Action

                      Mr. Nomura is an eerily handsome, sharply dressed, sociopathic serial killer who preys on the women of Tokyo. In Jakarta, a world-weary journalist named Bayu finds himself unexpectedly falling into vigilantism after brutally killing two sadistic robbers. When each posts videos of their violent sprees online, the pair find one another on the Internet and begin a toxic and competitive duel. While Bayu clings to the hope that he can resume a normal life, Nomura continues to spill blood without...

                      Kirpaan: The Sword Of Honour (2014)

                      Kirpaan: The Sword Of Honour

                        • Unrated
                        • 138 min
                        • Action

                        Kirpaan.. the sword of honour' is a family drama with various elements like patriotism, loss of identity among the young generation of today, family values, family honour, purpose in life, friendship and love. It is the story of the personal journey of the character Beeru - a young college going lad of Punjab living a carefree and purposeless life, who eventually disappoints his parents and also loses the love of his life due to his careless attitude. The rest of the story...

                        Klassefesten 2: Begravelsen (2014)

                        Klassefesten 2: Begravelsen

                          • 95 min
                          • Comedy

                          Thomas is finally getting married, and Andreas has arranged a bachelor party of the century... he thinks. But a shocking death during Thomas' bachelor party sends the three friends off on an unforgettable trip to a funeral; they probably won't be forgiven for. Speed-Dating, infidelity and near death experiences put their relationship on a serious test. The question is whether the three friends will survive the trip and the funeral - and will they make it home in time for Thomas' wedding.

                          Le Beau Danger (2014)

                          Le Beau Danger

                            • 100 min
                            • Biography

                            Portrait of writer Norman Manea

                            Love Is Strange (2014)

                            Love Is Strange

                            • 94%
                            • R
                            • 94 min
                            • Romance

                            After nearly four decades together, Ben (John Lithgow) and George (Alfred Molina) finally tie the knot in an idyllic wedding ceremony in lower Manhattan. But when George loses his job soon after, the couple must sell their apartment and - victims of the relentless New York City real estate market - temporarily live apart until they can find an affordable new home. While George moves in with two cops (Cheyenne Jackson and Manny Perez) who live down stairs, Ben lands in Brooklyn with his nephew...

                            Lucky Bastard (2014)

                            Lucky Bastard

                              • NC-17
                              • 94 min
                              • Drama

                              Lucky Bastard is a “found footage” thriller about a porn website that invites fans to have sex with porn stars. An eager young man named Dave is given a chance to have sex with the fabulous Ashley Saint, but everyone gets more than they bargained for…to gruesome results. The film is captured by the “Lucky Bastard” porn cameras for a fresh take on the “found footage” genre.

                              Lust for Love (2014)

                              Lust for Love

                                • NONE
                                • 85 min
                                • Comedy

                                Winning your childhood sweetheart can create more problems than it solves.

                                Marvel One-Shot: All Hail the King (2014)

                                Marvel One-Shot: All Hail the King

                                  • PG-13
                                  • 14 min
                                  • Short

                                  A documentary filmmaker interviews the now-famous Trevor Slattery from behind bars.