2014 Horror Movies (By Title)

Blood Ransom (2014)

Blood Ransom

    • NONE
    • 101 min
    • Fantasy

    Crystal, the girlfriend of Roman, Jeremiah's American boss whom he kidnaps. As Jeremiah's plans fail, Roman sends Bill, a psychopathic hitman after them. Crystal and Jeremiah tread the dangerous path of a love on the run. But as they run farther and as they fall deeper, a dark secret burns even stronger.

    Blood Redd (2014)

    Blood Redd

      • R
      • 90 min
      • Horror

      Mortimer Clark, a forensic pathologist finds himself autopsying yet another teenage girl’s body ravaged and torn by a large canine. The girls all have been slain on the full moon. A werewolf though? That’s ridiculous. But the next full moon is drawing near and another body is expected. Day of the full moon: Lauren Redd, a sixteen year old girl is being forced to spend the weekend with her grandmother. Here she steps into an elaborate trap laid out by a manipulative killer. But when...

      Blood Shed (2014)

      Blood Shed

        • NR
        • 94 min
        • Horror

        Loosely based on the true events of a homeless loner who moves into a self-storage facility inhabited by a community of bizarre squatters until they are locked in for the night with a deranged female who hunts them down in search of her lost child.

        Blood Widow (2014)

        Blood Widow

          • 84 min
          • Horror

          Laurie and Hugh are a successful young couple who have just closed on a weekend home away from the city. Unbeknownst to them, the neighboring property contains the crumbling remains of a boarding school that was shuttered in the wake of an unspeakable massacre. The sole survivor of that massacre still resides in the ruins of the school, hiding from the world and wanting only to be left alone. When Laurie and Hugh's friends explore the property, they have no idea that they disturbed an...

          Bloody Knuckles (2014)

          Bloody Knuckles

            • 85 min
            • Comedy

            Travis is an underground comic book artist with a penchant for the obscene. When one of his comics insults a Chinatown crime boss, the gangster punishes Travis by removing his drawing hand. A daunted Travis retreats into a life of alcoholic misery. That is, until his hand returns from the grave...

            Bombshell Bloodbath (2014)

            Bombshell Bloodbath

              • 80 min
              • Horror

              Doctor Carter losts his wife and devotes his life to resurrecting her. However, every test of his C-900 formula creates hungry, flesh-eating zombies. Then, his daughter Cara contracts the virus and she and her sister strive to obtain the anti-serum.

              Brutal (2014)


                • 90 min
                • Action

                BRUTAL centers on Trevor (Morgan Benoit), abducted from his backyard at the age of fifteen by an unseen alien presence. Forced into nearly two decades of no-holds-barred fights against other abductees inside an unearthly mixed martial arts arena, Trevor has evolved from an innocent boy into a brutal fighting machine. Derek, (Jeff Hatch) an ambulance chasing lawyer, is the latest lab-rat abductee forced to fight Trevor. As the two men exchange ever-increasing beating over the course of weeks and...

                Bubba the Redneck Werewolf (2014)

                Bubba the Redneck Werewolf

                  • NONE
                  • 80 min
                  • Comedy

                  Based on the cult classic comic book series, the feature film marks the second directorial effort of Brendan Jackson Rogers, who also serves as one of the film's producers.

                  Burying the Ex (2014)

                  Burying the Ex

                  • 26%
                  • R
                  • 89 min
                  • Comedy

                  It seemed like a great idea when all-around nice guy Max (ANTON YELCHIN, Star Trek) and his beautiful girlfriend, Evelyn (ASHLEY GREENE, Twilight Saga) moved in together. But when Evelyn turns out to be a controlling, manipulative nightmare, Max knows it’s time to call it quits. There’s just one problem: he’s terrified of breaking up with her. Fate steps in when Evelyn is the victim of a fatal, freak accident, leaving Max single and ready to mingle. Just as Max is thinking about moving on...

                  Cabin Fever: Outbreak

                    • Horror

                    A doctor tries to save his family and the residents of a remote Caribbean island where a deadly outbreak threatens their existence.

                    Cabin Fever: Patient Zero (2014)

                    Cabin Fever: Patient Zero

                    • 25%
                    • NONE
                    • 91 min
                    • Horror

                    Cabin Fever: Patient Zero tells the story of a group of friends enjoying a bachelor weekend on a yacht in the Caribbean. As they run ashore to explore a remote island, they stumble upon an abandoned research facility, where a massacre from a deadly virus is unleashed. They must find a way to survive before the flesh-eating disease consumes them all. Their answer – an uninfected survivor: “Patient Zero.”

                    Call Girl of Cthulhu (2014)

                    Call Girl of Cthulhu

                      • 92 min
                      • Comedy

                      When a virginal artist falls in love with a call girl, she turns out to be the chosen bride of the alien god Cthulhu. To save her, he must stop an ancient cult from summoning their god and destroying mankind.

                      Cam2Cam (2014)


                        • NONE
                        • 91 min
                        • Horror

                        In this dark and haunting thriller, Five Bangkok tourists have gone missing after making online contact with an unknown party. Newly-arrived Allie Westbrook (Tammin Sursok) meets a pair of ex-pats, Michael and Marit, who perform on a provocative interactive website. The dark menace beneath Michael's easy charm and the strange magnetism of the group's leader, Marit, drive Allie to the brink of madness. In a city where foreigners come to re-invent themselves, Allie learns, too late, that nothing...

                        Camp Massacre (2014)

                        Camp Massacre

                          • 130 min
                          • Comedy

                          Ten contestants appear on a competitive reality show geared toward weight-loss. As the competition grows more intense, they realize that they're losing more than just weight; they are losing competitors. Are the contestants dropping out voluntarily or is something more insidious going on? Will any of them even live long enough to see the final round?

                          Carver (2014)


                            • Horror

                            A group of teenagers are haunted by a despicable act they committed when they were younger. Their actions caused the deaths of three innocent people. Now, on the anniversary of those deaths, an ominous calling card in the form of a carved pumpkin has been placed at each of their homes. Someone is out for revenge...the question is who?

                            Charlie's Farm (2014)

                            Charlie's Farm

                              • 88 min
                              • Horror

                              In an effort to do something different, four friends head into Australia's outback to explore Charlie's Farm, the site where a violent family met their end at the hands of an angry mob. Despite all warnings, they persist in their horror-seeking adventure.

                              Chemical Peel (2014)

                              Chemical Peel

                                • R
                                • 95 min
                                • Horror

                                A weekend trip to the woods for a bachelorette party turns deadly when a nearby train accident causes a chemical reaction to overtake the secluded valley. But waiting out the disaster inside could prove to be just as dangerous as the outdoors.

                                Children of the Night (2014)

                                Children of the Night

                                  • 105 min
                                  • Horror

                                  A vampiric dark-comedy, Limbo centres around a secluded colony of child-vampires between the ages of 4 and 120, who were all the victims of shameless adult vampires. They are led by a formidable and deeply religious ex-nurse whose destiny in life is to find these ‘lost souls,’ and raise them in her colony. Through religious teachings and rituals adapted from Catholicism, and the occasional visit to local towns for blood, she prepares the children for what God had in mind for them…...

                                  Chilling Visions: 5 States of Fear (2014)

                                  Chilling Visions: 5 States of Fear

                                    • Horror

                                    An anthology comprised of short films set in 5 U.S. states

                                    Chrysalis (2014)


                                      • R
                                      • 100 min
                                      • Drama

                                      Joshua and Penelope are survivors of a deadly infection that laid waste to humanity 25 years ago. When they encounter fellow survivor Abira, their lives are forever changed as they fight off the remnants of the infected.