2014 Sci-Fi Movies

Time Teens: The Beginning (2014)

Time Teens: The Beginning

    • 119 min
    • Action

    Time Travel exists. William is a Turasaiche ( a descendant time traveller) who works for the World Time forum, policing time crime at the world office in Perth, Scotland. When William is sent a letter from the future, he is shown what might happen if his journey continues. To Change it, he must recruit a new team. Time Teens is a Prequal Pilot film for a TV series by the same name.

    Timespace (2014)


      • NR
      • 90 min
      • Drama

      Relationships, credibility, and life itself are all called into question following the invention of the time machine.

      Tipping Point

        • Sci-Fi

        Tipping Point is a tense, riveting sci-fi thriller that paints an ominous picture of the world 100 years into the future. With the world’s population approaching 10 billion, the penalty for having children without a license is death – no questions, no excuses, and no mercy. Ruthless Population Control Officer Solomon Cage lives only for his job, until the day he discovers two fugitives he’s been pursuing are the love of his life who mysteriously disappeared years ago and the 12-year-old...

        Tokyo Tribe (2014)

        Tokyo Tribe

          • 116 min
          • Drama

          Equal parts “The Warriors” and “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo,” Sion Sono’s rap musical “Tokyo Tribe” is also self-referential Japanese genre exploitation movie to the marrow, meaning there’s plenty of pinku-style nudity and threatened rape, martial-arts action and the occasional blood geyser. (continues: http://variety.com/2014/film/reviews/toronto-film-review-tokyo-tribe-1201299987/)

          Toxin (2014)


            • Unrated
            • 72 min
            • Action

            Lieutenant John Paxton wants revenge against the government he and his men swore their lives to defend. The very government that abandoned and betrayed him, leaving him to die after a secret biological warfare experiment went horribly wrong. John will discover revenge is a journey that will ultimately leave millions infected, countless dead, and the lucky few survivors struggling to find the last safe corner for humanity.

            - Written by

            Anonymous ...

            Treasure Chest of Horrors III (2014)

            Treasure Chest of Horrors III

              • 88 min
              • Comedy

              Siblings find their dead uncle's secret stash VHS tapes. The tapes feature sick solicitors, gruesome dares, patricide, demonic technology, monstrous fruit and many more horrors. As they eagerly watch each of these shocking, bizarre, comedic and bloody movies, little do they know that they are conjuring something very ghoulish and gruesome. In the tradition of horror anthologies like V/H/S.

              Worm (2014)


                • NR
                • 93 min
                • Fantasy

                In a future where we have lost the ability to dream, people have turned to Fantasites, a parasite that induces the user's wildest fantasies. When socially awkward Charles starts using the miracle product he finally meets the girl of his "dreams." However, Fantasites come with some disturbing side effects that leave his chances with her squirming away.

                Young Ones (2014)

                Young Ones

                • 41%
                • R
                • 100 min
                • Action

                Set in a near future when water has become the most precious and dwindling resource on the planet, one that dictates everything from the macro of political policy to the detailed micro of interpersonal family and romantic relationships. The land has withered into something wretched. The dust has settled on a lonely, barren planet. The hardened survivors of the loss of Earth's precious resources scrape and struggle. Ernest Holm Michael Shannon lives on this harsh frontier with his children,...

                Zodiac: Signs of the Apocalypse (2014)

                Zodiac: Signs of the Apocalypse

                  • NR
                  • 89 min
                  • Sci-Fi

                  A 2,000-year-old astrology board possesses deadly powers that threaten the fate of humanity.