2015 Action Movies

Black (2015)


    • 95 min
    • Action

    Mavela, 15 years old, is a Black Bronx. She falls madly in love with Marwan, an extremely charismatic member of a rival gang, the 1080s. The young couple is forced to make a brutal choice between gang loyalty and the love they have for one another. An impossible dilemma.

    Blunt Force Trauma (2015)

    Blunt Force Trauma

      • 92 min
      • Action

      Follows the journey of John and Colt, gunfighters and sometimes lovers, on parallel but very different journeys through an underground dueling culture.

      Bob Thunder: Internet Assassin (2015)

      Bob Thunder: Internet Assassin

        • 80 min
        • Action

        Joe Nation wants to go viral on YouTube and reach Internet fame. But things take a turn for the worse when he mistakenly hires Bob Thunder, a cold-blooded killer, to help him.

        Boned (2015)


          • 91 min
          • Action

          A struggling actress must play the role of a detective in order to save an adorable Maltese puppy from a murderous group of Goth Thugs, a Devilish Dominatrix, and a handsome, lying doctor.

          Born to Dance (2015)

          Born to Dance

            • 96 min
            • Action

            Coming of age tale told through the eyes of 'Tu', an ambitious young man from Auckland who dreams of being a professional hip-hop dancer.

            Boruto: Naruto the Movie (2015)

            Boruto: Naruto the Movie

              • 100 min
              • Animation

              With Naruto as the Seventh Hokage, Hidden Leaf Village is planning to host the Chunin Exams to train new shinobi from the village and from their allied villages. Among the entrants are Sasuke's daughter, Sarada, Mitsuki, an exceptionally talented yet mysterious shinobi...And Boruto, Naruto's talented but impetuous son. Meanwhile, Sasuke who's been on a mission in another dimension appears before Naruto to warn of a strange impending danger. Shrouded with an evil aura, Momoshiki and Kinshiki...

              Boy 7 (2015)

              Boy 7

                • 108 min
                • Action

                A teenager wakes up in a subway car with no memory of how he got there or who he is.

                Boy 7 (2015)

                Boy 7

                  • 90 min
                  • Action

                  When Sam regains consciousness in the middle of a crowded subway, he doesn't know how he got there, where he came from nor his own name. He franticly searches for his identity, using the contents of his backpack. Slowly but surely he realizes his life is in great danger.

                  Brothers (2015)


                  • 67%
                  • 156 min
                  • Drama

                  Brothers is an upcoming Hindi film, directed by Karan Malhotra and produced by Karan Johar under Dharma Productions along with Lionsgate Films and Endemol India.[6] The film is an official remake of the 2011 Hollywood film Warrior.

                  Bruce Lee-The Fighter (2015)

                  Bruce Lee-The Fighter

                    • 151 min
                    • Action

                    When a stuntman is mistaken for a police officer, he begins fighting crime.

                    Buddy Hutchins (2015)

                    Buddy Hutchins

                      • 99 min
                      • Comedy

                      Buddy Hutchins (Kennedy) is just a regular guy doing his best to support a wife and two kids. A recovering alcoholic, Buddy hasn't had a drink for the better part of a year, but it turns out the only reward for his good behavior is a failing business and a cheating wife. Throw in a ruthless bounty hunter and an hot-tempered ex, and Buddy's already short fuse is about to blow. Pushed over the edge and armed with a chainsaw, Buddy Hutchins is out for blood.

                      Bunny the Killer Thing (2015)

                      Bunny the Killer Thing

                        • 88 min
                        • Action

                        A group of Finnish and British people get stuck to a cabin when a creature which is a half human, half rabbit, attacks on them. The creature is Bunny the Killer Thing, and it is after anything that is resembling female genitals.

                        Butterfly (2015)


                          • 124 min
                          • Crime

                          A young man in Delhi tries to break free from his controlling brothers.

                          Callejero (2015)


                            • 105 min
                            • Action

                            When an underground boxer is forced to retire, he struggles to find new purpose in his life but cannot hide from his past.

                            Campus Code (2015)

                            Campus Code

                              • NONE
                              • 110 min
                              • Action

                              The college experience - studying, dating, partying... but when one of their classmates disintegrates right before their eyes, Ari, Becca, Izzy, Greta and Arun must battle security, the Griefers and each other to uncover the incredible truth about themselves and this other-worldly campus before they are all eliminated. Campus Life is the first film to appear on the exciting new JumpView(TM) format. JumpView(TM) allows the viewer to go backwards and forwards in time and follow each character's...

                              Cardinal Matter (2015)

                              Cardinal Matter

                                • 101 min
                                • Action

                                A migrant worker named Austin finds himself the target of a deadly corporate cover-up in a small Wyoming town.

                                Cartel Land (2015)

                                Cartel Land

                                • 92%
                                • R
                                • 98 min
                                • Action

                                In the Mexican state of Michoacán, Dr. Jose Mireles, a small-town physician known as "El Doctor," shepherds a citizen uprising against the Knights Templar, the violent drug cartel that has wreaked havoc on the region for years. Meanwhile, in Arizona's Altar Valley—a narrow, 52-mile-long desert corridor known as Cocaine Alley—Tim "Nailer" Foley, an American veteran, heads a small paramilitary group called Arizona Border Recon, whose goal is to halt Mexico’s drug wars from seeping across...

                                Chain of Command (2015)

                                Chain of Command

                                  • R
                                  • 88 min
                                  • Action

                                  After finding his brother murdered after returning from duty, Webster searches for the perpetrators, but discovers a conspiracy that cuts deep inside the U.S. government.

                                  Checkmate (2015)


                                    • NONE
                                    • 102 min
                                    • Action

                                    Six people are thrown together during an elaborate bank heist where any move can alter the outcome. Is it coincidence, or are they merely pawns in a much bigger game?

                                    Chek dou (2015)

                                    Chek dou

                                      • 118 min
                                      • Action

                                      Wanted criminal "Helios" and his assistant stole a quantity of uranium and plan to produce weapons of mass destruction. They are planning to trade with a terrorist organization in Hong Kong. Chief Inspector Lee Yinming and Inspector Fan Kaming lead the Counter Terrorism Response Unit of the Hong Kong Police Force. Along with a Chinese senior official, a physics professor, and two South Korean weapon experts, they hope to defuse a crisis sufficient to destroy the world.