2015 December Movies

Beverly Hills Christmas (2015)

Beverly Hills Christmas

    • 90 min
    • Family

    With help from a guardian angel, a spoiled rich, very material teenage girl learns that true value is found in assisting others and not in material things.

    Bob's Broken Sleigh (2015)

    Bob's Broken Sleigh

      • 46 min
      • Family

      This Christmas movie a young magic-less elf named Bob, who finds himself on a wild sleigh ride after being ambushed by the evil puffin Fishface. Stranded in the middle of a magical forest, it's up to him and the friends he makes along the way to bring the sleigh back home in time for Christmas - if the puffins don't get it first!

      Bon Bini Holland (2015)

      Bon Bini Holland

        • 95 min
        • Comedy
        Brothers of the Wind (2015)

        Brothers of the Wind

          • 98 min
          • Adventure

          The way of the eagle is to raise two chicks. The stronger is destined always to throw the weaker from the nest. Man also has his ways, often to hurt those closest to him. Lukas suffers at the hands of a father who has withdrawn since the loss of his wife. Killed whilst rescuing the infant Lukas, the boy now carries the burden of her death. Our eagle’s story begins in the nest. The first-born chick pushes his weaker brother to a certain death on the forest floor. But fate intervenes and the...

          Bruder vor Luder (2015)

          Bruder vor Luder

            • 88 min
            • Comedy
            Capsule (2015)


              • 91 min
              • Drama

              Guy is an experienced British fighter pilot who is in command of Britain's first manned mission to space. He has trained for this for three years at the height of the Cold War and now he is alone in space with a malfunctioning capsule. He has limited contact with the UK, some unusual communication with the US and some unorthodox communication with Roscosmos deep in Soviet Russia. Who will help him? Will he make the right choice?

              Charlie (2015)


                • 130 min
                • Thriller

                A young, nonconforming woman named Tessa gets entangled in a cat-and-mouse chase in the by-lanes of Kerala, hunting for a mysterious artist who previously lived in her apartment.

                Chiamatemi Francesco - Il Papa della gente (2015)

                Chiamatemi Francesco - Il Papa della gente

                  • 98 min
                  • Biography
                  Christmas Eve (2015)

                  Christmas Eve

                    • PG
                    • 95 min
                    • Comedy

                    Hilarity, romance, and transcendence prevail after a power outage traps six different groups of New Yorkers inside elevators on Christmas Eve.

                    Close Range (2015)

                    Close Range

                      • 80 min
                      • Action

                      A rogue soldier turned outlaw is thrust into a relentless fight with a corrupt sheriff, his obedient deputies, and a dangerous drug cartel in order to protect his sister and her young daughter.

                      Coat of Many Colors (2015)

                      Coat of Many Colors

                        • NONE
                        • 120 min
                        • Biography

                        Based on the inspiring true story of living legend Dolly Parton's remarkable upbringing, this once-in-a-lifetime movie special takes us inside the tight-knit Parton family as they struggle to overcome devastating tragedy and discover the healing power of love, faith, and a raggedy patchwork coat that helped make Dolly who she is today. Pamela K. Long serves as writer. Sam Haskell and Dolly Parton will executive produce. "Coat of Many Colors" is produced by Magnolia Hill Entertainment and DP...

                        Cold Deck (2015)

                        Cold Deck

                          • 80 min
                          • Crime

                          Stuck in a dead-end job that can barely pay for his mother's medical care, Bobby Locke's only escape is poker. His skills at the table are put to the test regularly at 'Scruples', a club run by an enigmatic father-figure affectionately known as 'Chips'. Fed up with his lot in life, Bobby decides to seize the opportunity that arises when he is invited to a secret high-roller game, and along with his friend Ben, plots to rob these wealthy businessmen. Unfortunately, the game is presided by Turk,...

                          COMIX: Beyond the Comic Book Pages (2015)

                          COMIX: Beyond the Comic Book Pages

                            • 85 min
                            • Documentary

                            Comix is a documentary about comic books and the comic book world, told through the thoughts and images of comic book creators, artists, writers, Independent Publishers, Comic Book Store Owners, collectors, and especially the fans, many dressed in costumes, who share their love for the art form and who have made comic books and the phenomenon what it is today.

                            Cosmos (2015)


                              • 103 min
                              • Drama

                              Two young men seek the solitude of the country; their peace is disturbed when a set of random occurrences suggest to their susceptible minds a pattern with sinister meanings.

                              Creeper (2015)


                                • 54 min
                                • Horror

                                Among the lights and sounds of the city a predator roams night clubs and bars searching for victims for his sexually twisted fantasies. Even people with normal everyday jobs have their secrets that they hide from the rest of the world

                                Crying Wolf 3D (2015)

                                Crying Wolf 3D

                                  • 91 min
                                  • Comedy

                                  There are a lot of strange and weird goings on in the little village of Deddington. For centuries a pack of werewolves has resided in the sleepy town, but when local girl Charlotte meets a particularly gruesome death, the town is descended upon by reporters, crazy detectives and lunatic hunters desperate to get their story, solve the crime and kill the beasts. But these wolves are smart… very smart.

                                  Daeho (2015)


                                    • 139 min
                                    • Action

                                    While the Kingdom of Korea is under occupation by the Japanese, an old and experience hunter is challenged by the hunt of the last tiger.

                                    Dementia (2015)


                                    • 67%
                                    • NR
                                    • 90 min
                                    • Horror

                                    A disabled war veteran is in bad hands when his family hires the live-in nurse from hell in this intense psychological shocker. George is an aging ex-soldier haunted by memories of Vietnam and struggling to reconnect with his estranged son and granddaughter. But when he suffers a stroke and is diagnosed with dementia, George is left in the care of Michelle, a seemingly sweet nurse with a disturbing dark side. At the mercy of a psychopath with a hypodermic needle, George becomes a prisoner in...

                                    Dilwale (2015)


                                      • 158 min
                                      • Action

                                      The most painful goodbyes are the ones that are never said and never explained. The film is a story about Raj and Meera and their enchanting relationship that travels through years of hatred for each each other. Set in a vicious and violent environment, Raj and Meera deal with the conflict between their respective families and the repercussions of merciless violence between them. Not all love stories are destined to have happy endings. But as it is rightfully said that "every end has a new...

                                      Dixieland (2015)


                                      • 13%
                                      • 92 min
                                      • Crime

                                      In the hot lazy days of a Mississippi summer two star-crossed lovers, a recently released ex-con (Chris Zylka) and an aspiring stripper (Riley Keough), become trapped in a downward spiral of crime and obsessive love, as they try to ditch their small town lives. Featuring an impressive performance by Faith Hill.