2015 December Movies

The Honourable Rebel

    • 97 min
    • Biography

    A docu-drama about the life of the Hon. Elizabeth Montagu, a spy, screenwriter and worker in British cinema for Alexander Korda.

    The House That Jack Built (2015)

    The House That Jack Built

      • NR
      • 90 min
      • Drama

      Complications ensue when street-smart, cash-rich Jack fulfills his fantasy of housing his extended family in a single Bronx apartment complex.

      The Legend of Wasco (2015)

      The Legend of Wasco

        • 81 min
        • Horror

        Future brothers-in-law Tyler and Byron bond by dressing as the Wasco Clown and taking pictures that spread across the internet, a viral hit overnight. What starts as great fun turns deadly as the very real Wasco Clown returns to terrorize the town. A Tale of Legend come to Life, a test of the friends' courage to overcome their fear of a circus nightmare, resurrected.

        The Letters (2015)

        The Letters

        • 30%
        • PG
        • 114 min
        • Drama

        A drama that explores the life of Mother Teresa through letters she wrote to her longtime friend and spiritual advisor, Father Celeste van Exem over a nearly 50-year period.

        The Mildew from Planet Xonader (2015)

        The Mildew from Planet Xonader

          • 85 min
          • Action

          The year is 1984. Researchers at the secretive Bentan Labs are celebrating the completion of their latest weapons project: a previously unknown type of mildew, capable of spreading and consuming any kind of vegetation... and ideal for attacking stockpiles of enemy food. When a sponsor is accidentally infected, the mildew's spores are set loose across the facility. As aggressive soldiers flood the complex and the infected staff begin to mutate, the survivors come to realize that the mildew is in...

          The Nest

          • 59%
          • R
          • 12 min
          • Animation

          One morning. Two points of view. It is seemingly just another school morning for Laura and her mother, Alice. But hidden beneath the surface each experiences their banal conversation differently. A film that weaves oil painted animation with live action film, to peel back the layers of consciousness and reveal the ambiguities suspended in one family's dark history.

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          The Nesting

            • 86 min
            • Thriller

            When Doug's fiancée is killed in a car accident he retreats to their isolated farmhouse to recover from his loss, but supernatural occurrences leave him fearing for his sanity and reveal a secret she took with her to the grave.

            The Prototype (2015)

            The Prototype

              • PG-13
              • Sci-Fi

              The military tries to track down a humanoid drone that escapes from a government facility.

              The Spirit of Christmas (2015)

              The Spirit of Christmas

                • 84 min
                • Drama

                Starring Jen Lilley, Thomas Beaudoin and Bates Wilder, “The Spirit of Christmas” follows ambitious young lawyer Kate, who with a promotion on the line, heads to Vermont to broker the sale of an old inn. Kate has her work cut out for her when she learns its haunted and she meets Daniel Forsythe – a handsome man who died 95 years ago! Each year, Daniel takes human form exactly twelve days before Christmas, unable to move on with the mystery of his death unsolved. Determined to help Daniel,...

                The Wannabe (2015)

                The Wannabe

                • 38%
                • R
                • 90 min
                • Crime

                Set in New York City during the early 1990s, The Wannabe centers on Thomas (Vincent Piazza), a man obsessed with mob culture who attempts to fix the jury in the trial of John Gotti. But as the plot is foiled and he’s rejected by the ones he idolizes most, he sets off with Rose (Patricia Arquette), a neighborhood fixture, on a ride worthy of mob lore.

                Tout en haut du monde (2015)

                Tout en haut du monde

                  • PG
                  • 81 min
                  • Animation

                  1892, Saint Petersburg. Sasha, a young Russian aristocrat, has always been fascinated by her grandfather's life as an adventurer. A renowned explorer, he designed a magnificent arctic ship, but he hasn't returned from his last expedition to the North Pole. To save her family's honor, Sasha runs away. Headed towards the Great North, she follows her grandfather's trail in search of his famous ship.

                  Two Countries (2015)

                  Two Countries

                    • 102 min
                    • Comedy

                    Two countries is a film about Ullas, who will do anything to make money. The story revolves around between him and his Indo-Canadian wife who is an alcoholic.

                    Un plus une (2015)

                    Un plus une

                      • 115 min
                      • Adventure

                      A successful film composer falls in love when he travels to India to work on a Bollywood retelling of Romeo and Juliet.

                      Uncle Nick (2015)

                      Uncle Nick

                      • 44%
                      • NONE
                      • 93 min
                      • Comedy

                      A drunk uncle attempts to score with his flirtatious step-niece on Christmas Eve.

                      Untitled Chanel Project (2015)

                      Untitled Chanel Project

                        • NR
                        • 11 min
                        • Drama

                        A biographical short about French fashion designer Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel.

                        Wan wan mei xiang dao

                          • 96 min
                          • Comedy

                          The movie tells the story of Wang Dachui (White. K), a youth blessed with some magic powers who often dreams of being the chief demon of the Stone Ox Village. One day, he meets with a surprise, which happens to be the arrival of the Tang monk (Chen Bolin) and his four disciples, and his life meets with an unexpected change. As for the Tang monk and his disciples, while they find Wang Dachui boring beyond explanation, a magical story of love and killing is about to unravel for both parties.

                          Welcome Home (2015)

                          Welcome Home

                            • NR
                            • 90 min
                            • Thriller

                            A family still reeling after the accidental death of one of their daughters, returns home after an aborted month long getaway to Rebecca, a seemingly pleasant house sitter. Since they returned early, Rebecca has nowhere to go, so the family invite her to stay. At first, Rebecca is a godsend—she cooks, cleans, and does laundry; but the family soon discovers that the woman is not as innocent and sane as she appears.

                            Where to Invade Next (2015)

                            Where to Invade Next

                            • 78%
                            • R
                            • 110 min
                            • Documentary

                            Oscar-winning director Michael Moore returns with what may be his most provocative and hilarious movie yet. Moore tells the Pentagon to “stand down”— he will do the invading for America from now on. Discretely shot in several countries and under the radar of the global media, Moore has made a searing cinematic work that is both up-to-the-minute and timeless.

                            Worlds Apart (2015)

                            Worlds Apart

                              • 135 min
                              • Drama

                              Three separate narratives each following a love story between a foreigner and a Greek. Each story represents a different generation falling in love during a time of socioeconomic turmoil that dominates Southern Europe as a whole, only to connect as a single story in the end.

                              Yellow Day (2015)

                              Yellow Day

                                • PG
                                • 98 min
                                • Drama

                                Yellow Day chronicles a young man's life-changing journey through the mysterious Yellow Day. To some, the Yellow Day is a simple and fun celebration at a kids camp. But to those who accept, God bestows incredible visions and miracles. For this young man, the Yellow Day becomes not just a search for his lost love, but a spiritual journey where faith, hope, and love are revealed in extraordinary and unexpected ways. It is here he must witness the great triumphs of others, face his fears, and...