2015 October Movies

Christmas in the Smokies (2015)

Christmas in the Smokies

    • 85 min
    • Family

    Christmas in the Smokies is a modern day Christmas classic set in the beautiful Smoky Mountains. It tells the story of one family's journey to save their historic berry farm against all odds during one fateful holiday season.

    Chronic (2015)


      • R
      • 92 min
      • Drama

      A home care nurse works with terminally ill patients.

      Coming Home (2015)

      Coming Home

        • Unrated
        • 86 min
        • Documentary

        Imagine leaving behind your family, friends and all that is familiar to you to go in search of a better life. What becomes of that place you leave behind and those memories you carry with you? Where is home when a new root is put down elsewhere? Will you ever get back to the way things were or how you hoped they could be again? What of Ireland? This is a feature length documentary following a selection of Irish emigrants on their journeys as they return to and depart from Ireland in search of a...

        Convenience (2015)


          • 87 min
          • Comedy

          Film follows two friends attempting to rob a petrol station, but are so useless that they end up working there all night.

          Cosmic Scrat-Tastrophe

            • Short

            This all-new short leads into Ice Age: Collision Course. Scrat’s epic pursuit of the elusive acorn catapults him into the universe where he accidentally sets off a series of cosmic events that transform and threaten the Ice Age World. To save themselves, Sid, Manny, Diego, and the rest of the herd must leave their home and embark on a quest full of comedy and adventure, traveling to exotic new lands and encountering a host of colorful new characters.

            Curveball (2015)


              • 96 min
              • Drama

              Smart, popular and star pitcher of his high school team, Nolan has managed to put his troubled childhood behind him with the help of the two things he could always depend on: his love of baseball and his best friend, Sam. But just as Nolan's future is looking bright, Sam starts leading him into trouble - playing hard and partying harder. Even with the help of people who love him and will risk everything to save him, it's up to Nolan to keep his head in the game before he strikes out for the...

              D'Ardennen (2015)


                • 96 min
                • Drama

                A brutal home-jacking goes hopelessly wrong. Dave, one of the two robbers, manages to run off, leaving his brother Kenneth behind. Four years later, Kenneth is released from prison and much has changed. Dave has his life back on track and is trying to help Kenneth however possible, but is witnessing how the highly strung Kenneth tries to win back his ex-girlfriend Sylvie.

                Dancin' It's On (2015)

                Dancin' It's On

                  • PG
                  • 89 min
                  • Family

                  This coming of age Dance Film is about two young lovers from different worlds who find a common bond in their love of dance, and who ultimately work together to win a major dance competition. Jennifer, a High School Junior from Beverly Hills, falls in love with the handsome young Ken, who works at her father's Panama City Florida beach-front hotel. While preparing for the competition, they must overcome scheming dance partners, a meddling father and their own doubts in order for their love -...

                  Dark (2015)


                    • 93 min
                    • Drama

                    A disturbed young woman must confront her worst fears when she finds herself trapped alone in a New York City loft during the 2003 blackout.

                    De Grote Zwaen (2015)

                    De Grote Zwaen

                      • 110 min
                      • Crime

                      n the late 90's Amsterdam-based writer Gerard F. Zwaen becomes entangled in a plot involving a drugs trafficker, a dodgy tax inspector and an internal affairs agent.

                      Death Valley (2015)

                      Death Valley

                        • 88 min
                        • Crime

                        Four strangers on a drunken wedding dash from LA to Vegas hit a mysterious woman in the desert and must overcome injuries, the elements, and ultimately each other to survive.

                        Dismembering Christmas (2015)

                        Dismembering Christmas

                          • 74 min
                          • Horror

                          At a vacation winter lake house, seven high school seniors are attacked by a madman out for revenge.

                          Doc Brown Save the World

                            • Short

                            Great Scott, Doc Brown’s back! Here’s a sneak peek from the new short coming exclusively to the Back to the Future 30th Anniversary Blu-ray and DVD Trilogies.

                            Don't Blink: Robert Frank (2015)

                            Don't Blink: Robert Frank

                              • NONE
                              • 82 min
                              • Biography

                              Robert Frank revolutionized photography and independent film. He documented the Beats, Welsh coal miners, Peruvian Indians, The Stones, London bankers, and the Americans. This is the bumpy ride, revealed with unblinking honesty by the reclusive artist himself.

                              DQE's Peter Pan: The New Adventures (2015)

                              DQE's Peter Pan: The New Adventures

                                • G
                                • 90 min
                                • Family

                                Neverland, is in great danger! Captain Hook has hatched a twisted plan to capture Peter and his friends. In order to keep Neverland safe from Hook, the young heroes must fly head-on into adventure and protect their right to never grow up!

                                Dragon Warriors (2015)

                                Dragon Warriors

                                  • 122 min
                                  • Fantasy

                                  When the powerful wizard Lord Tensley (James Marsters) is jilted by Princess Ennogard he vows to rid the land of love. He commands his fire-breathing dragon to destroy any sign of affection seen throughout the kingdom. As the death toll rises, Camilan, a brave but arrogant warrior seeks to marry his true love, Larec, despite the curse upon the land. In order to fulfill his destiny, he must seek the help of his estranged brother, Ramicus, a bounty hunter with no desire to tangle with the evil...

                                  Driving While Black (2015)

                                  Driving While Black

                                    • 94 min
                                    • Comedy

                                    Dmitri is a pizza guy who would rather smoke weed and suffer for his art, but his mom and his girl won’t stop nagging him to get a real job. When he’s offered a gig mouthing off to tourists behind the wheel of a Hollywood “star tour” bus, it looks like everyone might get what they want. Trouble is, our man can’t seem to step out the door to get to the interview without endless complications: busted radiators, simple weed scores gone sideways and LAPD cruisers seemingly everywhere....

                                    Dumb Criminals: The Movie (2015)

                                    Dumb Criminals: The Movie

                                      • 90 min
                                      • Comedy

                                      Rabbit and Rongo, two dumb but kind-hearted criminals, want to help a young girl get the medical treatment she needs. Inspired by true crimes around the world, they attempt to raise money through a series of dumb plans and hopeless schemes.

                                      Dutch Kills (2015)

                                      Dutch Kills

                                        • 90 min
                                        • Crime

                                        A desperate ex-con is forced to gather his old crew for one last job to pay off his sister's debt to a dangerous local criminal.

                                        Eaters (2015)


                                          • R
                                          • 90 min
                                          • Horror

                                          After their friend goes missing, five road-tripping friends must confront a violent biker gang, but after they narrowly escape, their nightmare goes from bad to spine-chilling.