2015 October Movies

Gravy (2015)


    • NR
    • 98 min
    • Comedy

    It's All Hallow's Eve. A trio of costumed misfits with very special dietary requirements seizes a Mexican cantina and force the staff to engage in a late night of gaming, food and libations. The only caveat is what's on the menu.

    Guddu Ki Gun (2015)

    Guddu Ki Gun

      • 130 min
      • Comedy

      Guddu Ki Gun is the tale of Govardhan aka Guddu (Kunal Kemmu), a Bihari settled in Kolkata. He is a door-to-door washing powder salesman, whose sales pitch is "Ek washing powder ke saath Guddu free". While sharing a room with his close friend Ladoo (Sumeet Vyas), Guddu leads an amorous lifestyle in Kolkata. His travails begins when he ditches one of his girlfriends, Bholi (Aparna Sharma). Furious for forsaking his granddaughter, Bholi's grandfather casts a black magic spell on him. The only way...

      Hangman's Game (2015)

      Hangman's Game

        • 87 min
        • Horror

        The events occur between 4:45 am and 6:15 am in the Colombian jungle. Mark, an American contractor wakes up doped, tortured and hung up by the arms next to a local prostitute that acts as interpreter whilst the kidnappers want to hack a 60 billion dollars bank account. Mark is forced to play a no-win game. Time is not on his side and the only thing missing is the password, the problem is: give it or not, Mark is meat dead

        Heart of a Dog (2015)

        Heart of a Dog

        • 100%
        • NONE
        • 75 min
        • Documentary

        Renowned multidisciplinary artist Laurie Anderson reflects on the deaths of her husband Lou Reed, her mother, her beloved dog, and such diverse subjects as family memories, surveillance, and Buddhist teachings.

        Helen Keller Vs. Nightwolves (2015)

        Helen Keller Vs. Nightwolves

          • Comedy

          A follow up to FDR: American Badass.

          Hell & Back (2015)

          Hell & Back

            • R
            • 86 min
            • Animation

            In "Hell & Back," Remy, Augie, and Curt are on summer vacation from community college, trying to save up for their dream pad by working at a local Carnival. When Curt reveals the failing park is going to close, Remy seeks out the resident fortune teller to find a quick fix to their predicament. The Blood Oath of Beelzebub may actually be more than they bargained for, and when Curt immediately breaks the oath, he's dragged kicking and screaming into the depths of Hell. Remy and Augie manage to...

            Homemakers (2015)


              • 85 min
              • Comedy

              A rootless young singer with a penchant for destruction must reconcile her domestic fantasies as she attempts to restore her late grandfather's abandoned Pittsburgh home. - IMDB

              I Am Your Father (2015)

              I Am Your Father

                • 83 min
                • Documentary

                David Prowse is an eighty years old actor, who has lived behind Darth Vader's mask during three decades. A group of Star Wars fans find out why he has been apparently forgotten by Lucasfilm during thirty years, and decide to give him back the glory he never had. This is their last opportunity.

                I Smile Back (2015)

                I Smile Back

                • 54%
                • R
                • 85 min
                • Drama

                All is not right in suburbia. Laney Brooks, a wife and mother on the edge, has stopped taking her meds, substituting recreational drugs and the wrong men. With the destruction of her family looming, Laney makes a last, desperate attempt at redemption.

                Inside Out: Riley's First Date

                  • Short

                  The emotion in charge, Joy, works alongside fellow emotions Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness, all to make sure the 12-year-old stays happy on her first date. Riley is hanging out at home with her parents in San Francisco when a boy shows up at the door and asks whether their daughter is at home, and we get to see what goes on inside Riley's mind.

                  Isolation (2015)


                    • R
                    • 86 min
                    • Action

                    Inspired by the true events of a couple vacationing on a remote island in the Bahamas who are hunted by a group of modern-day pirates, after their identities and their lives.

                    J. Kessels (2015)

                    J. Kessels

                      • Western

                      J. Kessels is the story of the bizarre road trip taken by a French literary pulp writer with his favourite character J. Kessels. The journey takes them from Tilburg to the Hamburg Reeperbahn in Kessels' old American 'Kamikaze' clunker as they seek out cheating dealer. When they get there they find a corpse in the trunk of the Kamikaze: easy to find, but how do you get rid of it?

                      Ja, Ik Wil! (2015)

                      Ja, Ik Wil!

                        • 96 min
                        • Comedy

                        Roos is pretty, successful and in her early-thirties. Every time she dreams of marriage, she gets dumped. When she gets invites to weddings from people all around her, she takes her young intern Daan as her date. She puts herself in awkward situations en falls deeply in love with a handsome doctor. They say one marriage leads to the other, but is he the one she'll say "Yes, I do!" to?

                        Jazbaa (2015)


                          • 119 min
                          • Thriller

                          After her daughter is kidnapped, a lawyer is forced to defend a criminal in exchange for her daughter's freedom.

                          Just Let Go (2015)

                          Just Let Go

                            • 106 min
                            • Drama

                            After surviving a drunk driving accident that killed his pregnant wife and two kids, Chris Williams struggles to 'just let go' and forgive the young man who caused it.

                            Kanche (2015)


                              • 126 min
                              • Drama

                              A love story played out against the backdrop of World War II.

                              Kocan Kadar Konus Dirilis (2015)

                              Kocan Kadar Konus Dirilis

                                • 108 min
                                • Comedy
                                Ladrones (2015)


                                  • PG-13
                                  • 98 min
                                  • Comedy

                                  Latin American superstars Fernando Colunga and Eduardo Yanez (never before seen together) in an unforgettable non-stop action comedy that takes you on the adventure of a lifetime. Their mission? To reclaim land stolen from a humble, hardworking community by a beautiful but lethal diva and her team of thieves. Forced out of retirement, Colunga and Yanez must recruit their new team of "Robin Hoods" to perform the biggest heist of their careers. Action and comedy ensues when the team comes...

                                  Lamia (2015)


                                    • 103 min
                                    • Drama

                                    Lamia, a naive woman of twenty years, lives with her husband, a coach weird and dumb mother of it, drowned in disarray. All three live an unusual and offbeat daily in Lebanon shaken by terror ...

                                    Les nouvelles aventures d'Aladin (2015)

                                    Les nouvelles aventures d'Aladin

                                      • 107 min
                                      • Comedy

                                      A pair of losers working at department store plan to rob the place after it closes. When a bunch of kids show up begging for a story, the men launch into an improvised version of Aladdin.