2015 September Movies

The Idol (2015)

The Idol

    • 100 min
    • Biography

    A film about the popular Palestinian singer Mohammad Assaf, from childhood to adulthood, and his life in Gaza until he won the Arab idol.

    The Jungle Book: Howl at the Moon (2015)

    The Jungle Book: Howl at the Moon

      • 76 min
      • Family

      Mowgli's on a mission to prove he's a real howling, prowling wolf. But a jealous cub and his creature co-horts will stop at nothing to keep him out of the pack!

      The Lost Tree (2015)

      The Lost Tree

        • 88 min
        • Drama

        “The Lost Tree” is centered around a man, Noah (Nicholas), who is guilt-ridden for the death of his wife, Emma (Kramer). He travels to an isolated cabin in search of peace and isolation. But he soon learns of the dangerous surroundings of the area.

        The Office (2015)

        The Office

          • 119 min
          • Comedy

          No Overview.

          The People Vs. Fritz Bauer (2015)

          The People Vs. Fritz Bauer

            • R
            • 105 min
            • Drama

            The story of the man who brought high-ranking German Nazi criminal Adolf Eichmann to justice.

            The Reflektor Tapes (2015)

            The Reflektor Tapes

            • 14%
            • NONE
            • 75 min
            • Documentary

            A blend of interviews, concert footage, and personal moments chronicle the making of the band Arcade Fire's album, Reflektor.

            The Wait (2015)

            The Wait

              • NR
              • 100 min
              • Drama

              A mother unexpectedly meets her son’s fiancee at a villa in Sicily and gets to know her as she waits for her son to arrive.

              The Waiting Room (2015)

              The Waiting Room

                • 92 min
                • Biography

                Jasmin, once a successful actor in former Yugoslavia, dreams of returning to Sarajevo to continue his career, but fears losing his son Daniel if he follows through with his plan.

                Theresa Is a Mother (2015)

                Theresa Is a Mother

                  • 105 min
                  • Comedy

                  Singer/songwriter and single mother Theresa McDermott has finally hit the end of the line in NYC. Unable to make ends meet, she is forced to pack up her life and her 3 girls and move back to the small town and parents she ran from a decade ago. Teresa needs a job, her parents need their space and a family tragedy that was never dealt with from years past needs closure. Old wounds, unattainable dreams and a few other things expose themselves as a fractured family works to become whole and a...

                  This Changes Everything (2015)

                  This Changes Everything

                  • 43%
                  • 89 min
                  • Documentary

                  What if confronting the climate crisis is the best chance we'll ever get to build a better world? Filmed over 211 shoot days in nine countries and five continents over four years, This Changes Everything is an epic attempt to re-imagine the vast challenge of climate change. The film presents seven portraits of communities on the front lines, from Montana's Powder River Basin to the Alberta Tar Sands, from the coast of South India to Beijing and beyond. Interwoven with these stories of struggle...

                  Time Out (2015)

                  Time Out

                    • 98 min
                    • Drama

                    Years of friendship, laughter and love shared between two brothers faces the music when a 14 year old boy is confronted with the complexities of a simple relationship.

                    Trisha Illana Nayanthara (2015)

                    Trisha Illana Nayanthara

                      • 130 min
                      • Comedy

                      A young man falls in love with his childhood friends only to keep breaking up with them, not realising that he will always end up as a loser.

                      Un etaj mai jos (2015)

                      Un etaj mai jos

                        • 93 min
                        • Drama

                        Film about a man who bears witness to a domestic quarrel that ends in murder.

                        Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos (2015)

                        Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos

                        • 71%
                        • 99 min
                        • Animation

                        Toto, a young chick born the run of the litter, rises to the occasion when a rancher threatens his home and his family.

                        Una Boda en Castañer (2015)

                        Una Boda en Castañer

                          • 1 min
                          • Comedy

                          Is about the wedding of Mariana who is the daughter of Dr. Zalduondo and who soon will also become a doctor as well. Shortly before graduating from medical school, Mariana returns to Castañer to fulfil her fathers promise to celebrate the greatest wedding ever in the history of Castañer. The entire town of Castañer is preparing for the event ... from the priest to the town drunk. It promises to be the wedding of the century and everyone has to be there. But the groom is not ... from...

                          Unlucky Stars (2015)

                          Unlucky Stars

                            • 100 min
                            • Action

                            When Peru's Biggest Action Film Star and Jordan's newest rising talent find themselves pursued by a notorious Bookie, a couple of private investigators are forced to choose between their job and their conscience.

                            Urban Hymn (2015)

                            Urban Hymn

                              • 114 min
                              • Crime

                              Set against the backdrop of the 2011 UK summer riots, 'Urban Hymn' follows a young female offender who possesses a remarkable voice and a determined social worker who inspires her to use it.

                              Waffle Street (2015)

                              Waffle Street

                                • 86 min
                                • Comedy

                                WAFFLE STREET is the true story of Jimmy Adams, a V.P. of a $30 billion hedge fund, who loses his job and winds up working as a waiter at a waffle shop. Amidst the greasy madness of the 24-hour diner, Jimmy befriends Edward, an ex-con grill master who serves up hard lessons about life, finance, and grits.

                                Welcome Back (2015)

                                Welcome Back

                                  • 152 min
                                  • Action

                                  An action-comedy sequel to the film Welcome.

                                  Welcome to Leith (2015)

                                  Welcome to Leith

                                  • 97%
                                  • 85 min
                                  • Crime

                                  In September 2012, the tiny prairie town of Leith, North Dakota, saw its population of 24 grow by one. Trouble had come to town.