2017 Adventure Movies (By Date)


    • Action

    A new Zorror movie from the writer of {Gravity}.

    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

      • Adventure

      Captain Nemo explores the mysteries of the ocean deep in his submarine Nautilus. Based on the classic Jules Verne novel.

      Toxic Tutu

        • Comedy

        More than 30 years after starring in Troma Entertainment's cult classic horror-comedy The Toxic Avenger, Mark Torgl - AKA Melvin the "Mop Boy" - resurfaces at a fan convention, only to be abducted. And for what? A contaminant-rich toxic oasis a select few know exists.


          • Action

          A throwback to 80s action movies tale of the world’s former great assassin, who leaves the world of killing and retires to a small town. Naturally, he’s pulled back in. The catalyst for the picture will be the gang behind the Comedy Central show Workaholics. The film will be directed by Kyle Newacheck and Blake Anderson is attached to play the title character, Shane Sexcastle.


            • Superhero

            Bloodshot‘s protagonist is Angelo Mortalli, a ruthless killer for the mob who is set up by the family and framed for a murder. He instead goes into Witness Protection, but is betrayed by an FBI agent guarding him, kidnapped and forcibly subjected to an experimental program in which his body is injected with microscopic computers called nanites. They erase his brain and rebuild it and his body to be a weapon with superhuman strength and healing powers. The character was created by Kevin Van...

            Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie

              • Animation

              A two-part animated TV movie written and executive produced by the series’ original creator Craig Bartlett, will pick up where the original series ended and resolve unanswered questions and plotlines, including Arnold finally getting answers about the whereabouts of his missing parents.

              Shanghai Dawn

                • Action

                Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson are set to reprise their roles for the long awaited action-comedy sequel. No other plot details have been revealed.

                Rally Car

                  • Action

                  The Cannonball Run set in China.

                  Jonny Quest

                    • Action

                    "High School Music" star Zac Efron has signed on to play the title role in Warner Bros.' planned live action version of the popular '60s Hanna-Barbera cartoon show "Jonny Quest." In the original animated series from 1964 - 65, which lasted a mere 26 episodes, the blond and brainy Jonny (who was voiced by Tim Matheson) was the 11-year-old son of scientist Dr. Benton Quest. Along for the adventure was Hadji Singh, the gifted 11-year-old Calcutta orphan who was adopted by Dr. Quest, and Race...

                    Dead Rising

                      • Adventure

                      After surviving a terrifying car crash, a young woman discovers that aggressive, flesh-eating zombies have overtaken the entire area. She must figure out what is happening and why in hopes of escaping her horrifying circumstances.

                      Untitled Sony Greek God Project

                        • Fantasy

                        Two projects, very similar in subject matter about Greek Gods on Earth, are being melded together into one project at Sony. Apollo Rising — which is based on an original idea by the legendary comic book creator Stan Lee (Spider-Man) and developed between Lee and Avi Arad is merging with Eternal, which was a spec script from Red Queen author Victoria Aveyard purchased earlier this year.

                        Robin Hood 2058

                          • Action

                          Set in a futuristic London, a band of thieves looks to restore hope to the city's impoverished population.

                          Need for Speed 2

                            • Action

                            Much of “Need for Speed 2″ would be filmed in China, with the nation’s actors also taking significant roles.

                            Gran Turismo

                              • Action

                              Plot details are being kept deep in the pit but at 2013’s Gamescon Kazunori Yamauchi, the lead designer of the Gran Turismo series, reportedly said it would center on a video game player turned racer.

                              Die Hard Year One

                                • Action

                                The sixth and final installment of the popular series finds John McClane heading out on one last mission to save the world from certain doom.

                                Edict of Expulsion 1492

                                  • 110 min
                                  • Adventure

                                  San Andreas 2

                                    • PG-13
                                    • Adventure

                                    Plot details for the new installment are being sheltered, but the sequel is expanding the disaster locales by going global, focusing on the infamous Ring of Fire. The ring circles the Pacific Ocean with fault lines and volcanoes and, according to scientists, is home to about 90 percent of the worlds' earthquakes.

                                    The Odyssey

                                      • Fantasy

                                      The Odyssey is one of two major ancient Greek epic poems attributed to Homer. It is, in part, a sequel to the Iliad, the other work ascribed to Homer.

                                      Mad Sheila

                                        • Sci-Fi

                                        A Chinese Rip-Off of Mad Max.

                                        The Chronicles of Riddick: Furia

                                          • Sci-Fi

                                          The next chapter in the Chronicles of Riddick saga.