2018 Movies

Stuart Little

    • Family

    A remake of the hit children's film. No further details have been released.

    Suffer the Little Children

      • Thriller

      The short story “Suffer the Little Children” is about a teacher named Emily Sidley who notices the children in her class acting strangely. She realizes that they are not what they seem, and she has to protect the town from something evil.

      Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay

        • Animation

        The Suicide Squad return in their first animated feature.

        Summer of the Piranha

          • Horror

          The next installment of the Piranha movie series which will take place in Japan.

          Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken

          Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken

            • 93 min
            • Documentary

            Morgan Spurlock reignites his battle with the food industry - this time from behind the register - as he opens his own fast food restaurant.

            Teen Titans Go! to the Movies

            Teen Titans Go! to the Movies

              • Animation

              A movie based on the popular animated series Teen Titans Go has officially been announced by Warner Bros. for summer 2018. No plot details have been revealed at this time.

              The 100 Year-Old Man

                • Comedy

                Will Ferrell is playing senior citizen Allan. The elderly man manages to escapes from his nursing home on his 100th birthday. While he goes on the run, it is revealed that Allan took part in several different defining events from the 20th Century. It’s a lot like that little seen movie from 1994 called {Forrest Gump}. The movie was already made in Sweden. In that version, Allan had a fateful meeting with President Harry S. Truman. And he also had a memorable run-in with Robert Oppenheimer, the guy who created the atomic bomb.

                The 15:17 to Paris

                The 15:17 to Paris

                  • Biography

                  American soldiers discover a terrorist plot on a Paris-bound train.

                  The Blair Witch Project 3

                    • Horror

                    Plot unknown

                    The Boondock Saints 3

                      • Crime

                      The continuing adventures of two fraternal twins who set out to clean up their hometown of Boston.