2018 Movies (By Date)


    • Drama

    Based on the book, "Ring of Hell: The Story of Chris Benoit & the Fall of the Pro Wrestling Industry" by Matthew Randazzo V, “Crossface” will tell the story of WWE superstar Chris Benoit as he struggles to maintain his family life, while the pressures of wrestling cause him to spiral out of control. Benoit was a well respected, world champion wrestler, who, over the course of a weekend in June 2007, murdered his wife and son before taking his own life. It was later discovered that Benoit...

    Now You See Me 3

      • Thriller

      Charismatic magician Atlas continues to leads a team of talented illusionists called the Four Horsemen in this third chapter in the saga.

      Never Heard

        • 89 min

        The Sword in the Stone

          • Animation

          A young King Arthur is mentored by Merlin in this adaptation of T.H. White’s novel of the same name and based on the classic Disney animated movie.

          Kill Bill: Vol. 3

            • Action

            The continuing adventures of The Bride. Rumored story has Vernita Green's daughter Nikki Bell seeking revenge on the Bride.

            Ghost Bros.

              • Comedy

              Ghostbusters Animated Movie

                • Animation

                An animated feature film based on the Ghotsbusters franchise of movies.

                Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

                  • Superhero

                  The latest DC animated movie focusing on Batman.

                  The Jaunt

                    • Sci-Fi

                    It’s a futuristic tale that takes place in the 24th century, as a father explains the ground rules for “Jaunting,” a form of teleportation the family will be using shortly to go to Mars. The key is that travelers must be under anesthesia for the short journey, or terrible things happen to the mind of those being jaunted around the solar system. Time stands still and one’s brain implodes with too much time to think in an absence of external stimulation. Bad things happen.

                    Fahrenheit 11/9 (2018)

                    Fahrenheit 11/9

                      • Documentary

                      The “11/9” in the title refers to the day Donald Trump was declared President of the United States, at 2:29AM in the morning of November 9th, 2016. But months before that infamous night, Moore had already begun ruminating on what could be done to stop the, according to him, “carnage Trump would inflict while president.” In June of 2016, Michael Moore famously and publicly predicted that Trump would indeed win the White House in November by winning the states of Michigan, Wisconsin and...

                      Wild Boar (2018)

                      Wild Boar

                        • Horror

                        Wild Boar follows a small group of treasure seekers, also known as ‘Geocachers’, who trek into to the desert to conquer a Geocache ‘Challenge’. Out in the wild they stumble upon a forbidden world flooded with radiation and inhabited by a race of bloodthirsty mutants who have evolved from pigs.

                        When a Geocache beacon faintly emits from a forbidden zone, the temptation is too great for Lamb (Augie Duke), her boyfriend Wolf (Daniel Roebuck), and his brother Turtle (Jim Nieb) to pass up....

                        The Empire Strikes Door

                          • Documentary

                          Documentary goes searching for the man behind the greatest Star Wars blooper of all time.

                          We Are Boats

                            • 108 min
                            • Fantasy

                            Lives intertwine and connect when Francesca navigates through the living world by encountering strangers at the exact moment she needs to. All while she secretly searches for a loved one that she never had the chance to say goodbye to.

                            The Saint

                              • Action

                              Simon Templar creates false identities to steal money from various criminal organizations and redistribute the wealth to others.

                              Fruit Ninja

                                • Action

                                The Cartel

                                  • Biography

                                  Cartel tells the intertwined story of Art Keller and Adan Berrera, friends whose paths diverged when Keller went to work for DEA and Berrera joined the Sonora drug cartel. Covering roughly the years from 2004-2014, its a follow up to his 2006 bestseller, The Power of the Dog, which traced the early years of the drug war.

                                  Forbidden Power

                                    • Action

                                    Young businessman George (Lincoln Bevers) has a one-night affair with a mysterious Native American woman (played by Nasanin Nuri). When he wakes up the next morning, she's vanished, but leaves him empowered with abilities that far exceed his own, and with a cryptic message. George embarks on a dangerous quest to find her and the meaning of her message and the extraordinary superhuman gift developing within him.

                                    Star Worlds Episode XXXIVE=MC2: The Force Awakens The Last Jedi Who Went Rogue

                                      • Comedy

                                      With their comedic take on the franchise’s most beloved characters both old school and new, Star Worlds will leave no convention, cliché, or iconic moment untouched in yet another hilarious parody guaranteed to make you laugh, gasp, cringe, and cry out while having the best time ever in a movie theater.

                                      Lost Fare

                                        • 90 min

                                        Kaashi in Search of Ganga

                                          • 125 min