2019 Movies

Untitled Kurt Russell Netflix Santa Claus Movie

    • Comedy

    The story centers on two siblings (played by Lewis and Camp) who try to prove that Santa is real by catching him on camera. When they accidentally cause his sleigh to crash in Chicago, they have to help get Christmas back on track before it's ruined. Russell is playing jolly ol’ Saint Nick.

    Untitled Ray Romano Movie

      • Comedy

      A new comedy coming from Jay and Mark Duplass.

      Untitled Sacha Baron Cohen Comedy

        • Comedy

        Sacha Baron Cohen is shooting a new comedy movie in secret much like Borat and Bruno.

        Untitled Superman Animated Movie

          • Superhero

          A sequel/part 2 to the 2018 animated film the Death of Superman.

          Untitled Tupac Shakur Documentary

            • Documentary

            Shakur Estate trustee Tom Whalley and Amaru Entertainment, the company created by Afeni Shakur to release her son's posthumous projects, announced today that Nigel Sinclair's White Horse Pictures and Jayson Jackson will team up to produce a fully authorized documentary with Amaru on the life of acclaimed hip-hop artist, writer and poet Tupac Shakur.

            The film will be directed by Academy Award-winning director, Steve McQueen (12 Years a Slave) and produced by Jayson Jackson (What Happened, Miss...

            Untitled Universal Monster Project

              • Horror

              Untitled Will Ferrell/Jason Momoa Comedy

                • Comedy

                They are keeping the logline under wraps but when it was being pitched, sources described it as Galaxy Quest meets Ocean’s Eleven, with Ferrell a washed up TV star reuniting with his now grown TV show son (Momoa) who has become a huge star.


                  • Comedy

                  The Realm, a subsidiary of BRON, and Tim and Trevor White’s Star Thrower Entertainment announced today that Bill Skarsgård (It) and Maika Monroe (It Follows) will star in their upcoming darkly comedic thriller Villains, which Dan Berk and Robert Olsen will direct. Tim and Trevor White are producing for Star Thrower, along with production head Allan Mandelbaum, and Garrick Dion is producing for The Realm. BRON’s Aaron L. Gilbert and Creative Wealth Media’s Jason Cloth are executive...


                    • Sci-Fi

                    A live-action adaptation of the hit animated series. No plot details have been released at this time.

                    What Men Want (2019)

                    What Men Want

                      • Comedy

                      The new version follows a female sports agent (Henson) who has been constantly boxed out by her male colleagues. When she gains the power to hear men’s thoughts, she is able to shift the paradigm to her advantage as she races to sign the NBA’s next superstar.

                      Which Witch?

                        • Animation

                        The project is based on Eva Ibbotson's 1979 novel of the same name, which centers on a wizard who decides to hold a contest for the seven witches of Todcaster, with the winner set to be his new bride.

                        Wine Country

                          • 102 min
                          • Comedy

                          a group of friends who take a trip to wine country in Napa Valley in order to celebrate a 50th birthday.

                          Wizard of Oz Horror Movie

                            • Horror

                            The project, which is in the early development stages, will have ties to the universe created in the 1900 novel The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum that was adapted into the classic 1939 film starring Judy Garland.

                            Wolfman's Got Nards

                              • Documentary

                              When it was released in 1987, The Monster Squad was deemed a failure by critics and was, according to the box office, a film no one cared about. But over the last three decades, word of mouth has turned this sleeping hit into a cultural phenomenon.

                              Wolfman's Got Nards explores the relationship a dedicated audience (including celebrities and filmmakers) has with The Monster Squad. This documentary takes an in-depth look into the film’s conception, response, cult status, and revival. Through...

                              Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

                                • Superhero

                                Not much is known about this mysterious—but very exciting—bonus movie, but expect to learn more next year.


                                  • Mystery

                                  The story comes from the New York Times best-selling Spenser book series, and follows a man fresh out of prison who is sucked back into Boston’s underbelly while he uncovers the truth about a sensational murder.

                                  Wretch (2019)


                                    • Horror

                                    Wretch follows three friends struggling to piece together fractured memories after a drug-fueled night in the woods. In the process, they’re forced to confront guilt, jealousy, and a supernatural presence that threatens to expose their true natures.


                                      • Superhero

                                      A spin-off of Logan centered on the popular Laura character otherwise known as X-23 in Marvel lore.

                                      X-Men/Fantastic Four Crossover Movie

                                        • Superhero

                                        Characters from Fantastic Four and X-Men join for an epic adventure. The movie has not been officially green lit, but will reportedly follow Fantastic Four 2.

                                        XXX 4

                                          • Action

                                          A direct sequel to The Return of Xander Cage.