2019 Movies

The Fly

    • Horror

    A remake of the Vincent Price cult classic, which already got a remake in 1986 starring Jeff Goldblum. The story follows a scientist who mutates into a grotesque human fly.

    The Force

      • Crime

      A corrupt New York cop working for the department's elite crime-fighting squad is forced to choose between his family, his fellow officers and his life.

      The Fountainhead

        • Drama

        Adaptation of Ayn Rand's novel about a young architect battling for his own artistic integrity.

        The Gallows Act II

          • Horror

          When Ana Rue transfers to a prestigious new acting school, she encounters a malevolent spirit after participating in a viral challenge.

          The Gandhi Murder (2019)

          The Gandhi Murder

            • Biography

            The Gandhi Murder is a period movie based on true events that led to the eventual assassination of Mahatma Gandhi. The movie demonstrates a violent India, against the backdrop of a non-violent Gandhi, and hard-line fanatic mindsets beginning to grow roots in a country divided on the basis of religion. The movie unravels facts that are bound to trigger the thought that what is conveyed by governements is seldom the full truth, and that politics define what history books write. That both the...

            The Glorious Seven

              • 93 min
              • Action

              Ex-military commander David Guerra is hired by shady millionaire Anthony Levin to rescue his wife Valentina who was kidnapped by Javier Martinez, leader of a guerrilla group.

              The Hunt

                • Thriller

                The “subversive feature” takes cues from the current political climate and the “aggressive nature of the right versus the left.”

                The Janson Directive

                  • Thriller

                  In Development: When billionaire philanthropist Peter Novak is kidnapped by a terrorist known as The Caliph, it's up to Paul Janson - a legend in the notorious U.S. covert agency Consular Operations - to save him. But Janson's rescue operation goes horribly wrong...and soon Janson is marked for death, the target of a "beyond salvage" order issued from the highest level of the government. Now Janson is running for his life, pursued by Jessica Kincaid, a young agent of astonishing ability who can...

                  The Journey

                    • Drama

                    A short film for Turkish Airlines from director Rodley Scott.

                    The Jungle Book 2

                      • Fantasy

                      A sequel to Jon Favreau's The Jungle Book.

                      The Kingkiller Chronicle

                        • Fantasy

                        Feature film based on Patrick Rothfuss's book about a young man who grows up to become a notorious magician.

                        The Last Blockbuster

                          • Documentary

                          Blockbuster Video at its peak had over 9000 stores. In 1989 a new store opened every 17 hours! But now there is only 1. What happened?

                          The Last Blockbuster is located in idyllic Bend Oregon, a modern town overflowing with high speed internet, a meca for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. There’s plenty to do year round. How, in a place like this, does The Last Blockbuster Survive? Who are the people who work here, rent videos here, and how did a video rental store chain grow so huge that it...

                          The Last Summer

                            • Romance

                            The Last Summer follows a group of high school grads whose lives intersect in Chicago over the summer before they start college.

                            The Legend Of Secret Pass (2019)

                            The Legend Of Secret Pass

                              • G
                              • 92 min
                              • Animation

                              The 'Legend of Secret Pass' takes place in the mountains of the South West and involves Thunderbirds of Indian mythology and an animal refuge of mystical proportions. An unlikely troop of animals and humans are caught up in a clash of ageless magic. In this moment of crisis, the barest chance to avoid cataclysm falls into the hands of an Indian boy, Manu. Written by Erik Stoops

                              The Lego Movie 3

                                The Man in The Rockefeller Suit

                                  • Drama

                                  A con man fools others into thinking he's part of the wealthy Rockefeller family.

                                  The Mule

                                    • Drama

                                    Sharp was an award-winning horticulturist and decorated WWII veteran known for his prized day lilies when he was busted for running drugs for Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel, and sent to prison at the age of 90. He was transporting $3 million worth of cocaine through Michigan in his beat-up old pickup truck when he was arrested by the DEA. Sharp was sentenced to just three years after his lawyer argued that his client’s dementia sent him down the wrong path.

                                    The Purge: Survival

                                      The Rosie Project

                                        • Romance

                                        An unlucky-in-love university professor creates an elaborate questionnaire in an effort to find a wife and meets an unconventional woman who doesn't match any of his "requirements", but might be the perfect woman for him.

                                        The Secret Movie

                                          • Drama

                                          The Secret Movie centers around a hard-working young widow with three children who hires a handyman to fix her house during a terrible storm. As the handyman grows closer to the family, he shares his philosophy of believing in the power of thought to create what we want, but the widow soon realizes he carries a secret connection to her past.