2019 Movies (By Date)

The Purge: Survival

    Moose Jaws (2019)

    Moose Jaws

      • Comedy

      The final act in a three part Canadian trilogy of horror movies from iconic indie filmmaker Kevin Smith.

      Joss Whedon WWII Horror Movie

        • Horror

        A horror movie set in WWII that draws comparisons to Trump and Adolph Hitler, which follows a young girl in danger.

        Peppa Celebrates Chinese New Year

          • Animation

          The storyline of the film was written to directly correlate with the upcoming Chinese New Year and incorporates some of the hallmarks of the celebration including dragon dancing, dumpling wrapping, and putting traditional Chinese costumes into the movie. The Peppa Pig movie will also introduce new characters, the Panda Twins.

          El Complot Mongol

            • 100 min
            • Crime

            1963, the Soviet Union intercepts a rumor that China pretends to assassinate the president of the US in his visit to Mexico. Filiberto Garcia, a local policeman, has 72 hours to investigate the Mongolian Conspiracy. Damn International Intrigue!


              • Action

              Marian unfolds after the death of Robin Hood, the love of her life. The titular maiden then picks up his cause to lead her people into a pivotal war that will not only decide the fate of the kingdom, but also see her don the mantle of the man she loved. In the process, she rises as a legend herself.

              Major League Reboot

                • Sport

                A remake of the Charlie Sheen baseball comedy.

                Norm of the North 2

                  • Animation

                  A sequel to the 2016 hit animated movie Norm of the North.


                    • Drama

                    The narrative focuses on the story of Abby Johnson, who was a clinic director at Planned Parenthood who says she helped facilitate 22,000 abortions before quitting the organization in 2009 after watching via ultrasound as one was performed


                      • Musical

                      Told through original music from Nico and his collaborators, Hope follows a group of Chicago teenagers that band together to turn art into action within their community.

                      Just Cause

                        • Action

                        A CIA black ops assassin known as "The Scorpion", equipped with a powerful grappling hook, fights against pirates, mercenaries and rogue agents.

                        The Personal History of David Copperfield

                          Guava Island

                            • 55 min
                            • Comedy

                            Deni Maroon, a musician and dock worker is determined to pull off a music festival against the interests of the local factory owner.

                            I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu (2019)

                            I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu

                              • 148 min
                              • Horror

                              Jennifer Hills is back. Forty years after 1978's I Spit On Your Grave shocked the world with its story of a beautiful career woman assaulted and left for dead, and her notorious revenge on those responsible, cinema's most lethal lady vengeance returns in the most anticipated sequel of all time. Reuniting star Camille Keaton and original director Meir Zarchi, I Spit On Your Grave: Déjà vu sends now successful writer Jennifer Hills hurtling back to where it all began - to face the wrath of the...


                                • 101 min

                                Tarantino Abrams Star Trek Movie

                                  • Sci-Fi

                                  Sources said that Tarantino has come up with a great idea for a Star Trek movie at Paramount. After sharing his idea with JJ Abrams (who himself is busy prepping Star Wars Episode IX), I’ve heard the plan is to assemble a writers room of scribes who’ll hear Tarantino’s take and begin to put together a movie. If it all works out, Tarantino might direct it, with Abrams producing.

                                  A Dog's Purpose 2

                                    • Drama

                                    A sequel to the controversial 2017 drama A Dog's Purpose.


                                      • Superhero

                                      Deathstroke is getting his own DC spin-off movie starring Joe Manganiello

                                      Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis

                                        • Comedy

                                        Zach Galifianakis stars as the inappropriate host of a low-budget talk show.

                                        Wonder Woman: Bloodlines

                                          • Superhero

                                          Not much is known about this mysterious—but very exciting—bonus movie, but expect to learn more next year.