2020 Documentary Movies

Just Mercy (2020)

Just Mercy

    • 136 min
    • Documentary

    World-renowned civil rights defense attorney Bryan Stevenson recounts his experiences and details the case of a condemned death row prisoner whom he fought to free.

    Godzilla Vs Kong (2020)

    Godzilla Vs Kong

      • PG-13
      • Sci-Fi

      The two monsters will battle after Kong: Skull Island and Godzilla 2.

      Waiting for the Barbarians (2020)

      Waiting for the Barbarians

        • 104 min
        • Documentary

        A Magistrate working in a distant outpost begins to question his loyalty to the Empire.

        The French Dispatch (2020)

        The French Dispatch

          • Comedy

          A love letter to journalists set at an outpost of an American newspaper in post-war 20th-century Paris that centers on three storylines.

          Enola Holmes

            • Documentary

            Feature film adaptation of the Enola Holmes mystery novels by Nancy Springer.

            In the Heights (2020)

            In the Heights

              • Drama

              A feature version of the Broadway musical, in which a bodega owner has mixed feelings about closing his store and retiring to the Dominican Republic after inheriting his grandmother's fortune.

              The Devil All the Time (2020)

              The Devil All the Time

                • 666 min
                • Thriller

                Set in rural southern Ohio and West Virginia, The Devil All the Time follows a cast of compelling and bizarre characters from the end of World War II to the 1960s.


                  • Documentary

                  A troubled young man haunted by memories of two past lives stumbles upon the centuries-old secret society of similar individuals and dares to join their ranks.

                  Last Night in Soho

                    • Horror

                    Described as a psychological horror film set in Soho, London, and inspired by "Don't Look Now" and "Repulsion." Plot unknown.


                      • Biography

                      "Blonde" is an adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates' imaginary Marilyn Monroe memoir. Andrew Dominik will direct the project that will star Naomi Watts as Marilyn.

                      Cherry (2020)


                        • Crime

                        Nico Walker, a former Army medic returns from Iraq with undiagnosed PTSD. After becoming addicted to opioids and heroin, he takes it upon himself to start robbing banks.

                        Untitled Rick Grimes Walking Dead Movie

                          • Adventure

                          Follows Rick Grimes from the departure of his final season in the TV series.

                          Cleopatra (2020)


                            • Biography

                            Cleopatra as a firm ruler and military tactician who embarked on a ruthless rise to power. Cleopatra twice married brothers, killing each of them as well as a sister. Romantic alliances with the much-older Roman honchos Julius Caesar and Marc Antony helped her solidify power, but her dalliance with Antony undid both of them.


                              • Thriller

                              The film follows a nameless ex-Nazi captain who navigates the ruins of post-WWII Germany determined to atone for his crimes during the war by hunting down the surviving members of his former SS Death Squad.


                                • Drama

                                A man struggles to keep his autonomy under an oppressive regime that monitors his every move.

                                Direct to Video (2020)

                                Direct to Video

                                  • Documentary

                                  A Documentary that tracks the straight to video horror releases from the 90s.

                                  NXIVM Sex Cult Documentary

                                    • Documentary

                                    A documentary on the Hollywood NXIVM Sex Cult from the makers of The Square.

                                    Peter Jackson Beatles Documentary

                                      • Documentary

                                      Peter Jackson is making a new Beatles documentary on the making of the iconic album Let It Be.

                                      Rush to Judgment II

                                        • Documentary

                                        Martin Sheen is on board to narrate Rush to Judgment II, an update to the 1967 version, Rush to Judgment. The original Emile de Antonio-directed documentary was based on the New York Times best-selling novel Rush to Judgment by attorney Mark Lane, in which he takes issue with the Kennedy investigation and exposes serious flaws in the conclusions made by the Warren Commission. Lane, died in 2016, will be credited posthumously as an executive producer.

                                        Shudder Queer Horror Documentary

                                          • Documentary

                                          The film will examine the coded, sometimes problematic, depiction of LGBTQ+ characters in films like “Sleepaway Camp,” “High Tension” and “Jennifer’s Body.” It will chart the course of queer subjects and creators in the horror genre from the silent era through the present day.