2021 Horror Movies

Undying Love

    • Action

    Set in modern day Hong Kong, Undying Love is full part Chinese folklore meets brilliantly reinvented Vampire lore. An action adventure story set for the ages. The graphic novel is created by Tomm Coker and Daniel Freedman.

    Hotel Transylvania 4 (2021)

    Hotel Transylvania 4

      • Animation

      The fourth instalment in the popular Hotel Transylvania series.


        • Horror

        A movie based on the viral internet hoax.

        Hunchback of Notre Dame

          • Horror

          A new reboot of the classic monster movie for Universal's Dark Universe.

          Insidious 5

            • Horror

            A the fifth chapter in the popular Insidious horror franchise. No details revealed at this time.

            New Elvira Movie

              • Comedy

              The mistress of the dark is back in an all-new adventure.

              Rawhead Rex

                • Horror

                A reboot of the Clive Barker classic Rawhead Rex.

                Saw Reboot

                  • Horror

                  Chris Rock will reboot the Saw franchise with Lionsgate

                  Spirit Reckoning

                    • Horror

                    A horror western.

                    The Nun 2

                      • Horror

                      The next chapter in The Conjuring Saga.

                      The Spire in the Woods

                        • Horror

                        The Spire in the Woods, now known as The Bell}, centers on a been boy who, after discovering the suicide of a schoolmate may be connected to a local legend, embarks on a quest to discover the truth. Why had Robert Edward Kennan killed himself? Was it because of a failed relationship or something more nefarious? The story is said to be “based on actual events” and is equal parts coming of age and ghost story.

                        Venom 2

                          • Superhero

                          The follow-up to Sony's smash hit Spider-Man spin-off Venom.


                            • Horror

                            Misfits, Samhain, and Danzig frontman Glenn Danzig will be writing, directing and scoring a feature film anthology based on his Verotik comic characters for Cleopatra Entertainment.