2021 Sci-Fi Movies

Jurassic World 3 (2021)

Jurassic World 3

    • Adventure

    Second sequel to Jurassic World.

    Edge of Tomorrow 2 (2021)

    Edge of Tomorrow 2

      • Sci-Fi

      No plot details have been revealed. The film has not been green lit as of yet, but star Tom Cruise has an idea on how to movie the franchise forward.


        • NONE
        • Action

        Akira set in a neon-lit futuristic post-nuclear war Tokyo in 2019 where a teen biker gang member is subjected to a government experiment which unleashes his latent powers. The gang's leader must find a way to stop the ensuing swathe of destruction. The anime classic originated in 1988 as manga and then was made into an animated film by Katsuhiro Otoma, which is considered by many fans of Japanese animation to be among the finest works in the genre.

        Avatar 3 (2021)

        Avatar 3

          • Action

          This second sequel will further explore the relationship between the Na'vi and the humans that have interrupted their peaceful existence. It will most likely be shot back-to-back with the second film in the series.

          Boba Fett: A Star Wars Story

            • Sci-Fi

            Rumored to follow intergalactic bounty hunter, Boba Fett.

            Fallout 76

              • Sci-Fi

              A movie based on the popular video game Fallout 76.

              Happy Death Day 3

                • Horror

                The third and final movie in Blumhouse's Happy Death Day saga.

                Hunger Games Prequel

                  • Sci-Fi

                  A prequel to the Hunger Games.

                  Neuromancer (2021)


                    • Sci-Fi

                    Case was the hottest computer cowboy cruising the information superhighway, jacking his consciousness into cyberspace, soaring through tactile lattices of data and logic, rustling encoded secrets for anyone with the money to buy his skills. Then he double-crossed the wrong people, who caught up with him in a big way -- and burned the talent out of his brain, micron by micron. Banished from cyberspace, trapped in the meat of his physical body, Case courted death in the high-tech underworld....

                    Nicholas Meyer's Star Trek Movie

                      • Sci-Fi

                      The first in a trilogy of new Star Trek movies created for CBS all-access streaming.

                      Oblivion Song

                        • Sci-Fi

                        Oblivion Song centers on a near future in which, a decade ago, 300,000 people living in Philadelphia were suddenly lost in Oblivion. The government made every imaginable attempt to rescue them, but after many years, they threw in the towel. Nathan Cole, however, refuses to stop. He makes daily trips, risking his life to try and rescue those still living in the apocalyptic hellscape of Oblivion. But is Nathan looking for something else? Why can't he resist the siren call of the Oblivion Song?

                        Out There

                          • Sci-Fi

                          The genre thriller is said to be akin to The Mist and deals with a mysterious event that changes the course of the world. One family struggles to survive.

                          Pacific Rim 3

                            • Sci-Fi

                            The third chapter in the Pacific Rim saga.

                            Sharkey the Bounty Hunter

                              • Sci-Fi

                              Set in a brilliant new sci-fi universe, Sharkey is a blue-collar bounty-hunter tracking criminals across the galaxy in his converted, rocket-powered ice-cream truck. Aided and abetted by his ten-year-old partner, he’s out for the biggest bounty of his career. Sharkey the Bounty Hunter will be adapted and published as a Millarworld/Netflix comic next year and writer Michael Bacall (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, 21 Jump Street) is writing the screenplay for the feature film.


                                • Comedy

                                A legacy sequel to Honey I Shrunk the Kids starring Josh Gad.

                                Solo 2

                                  • Sci-Fi

                                  The further adventures of Han Solo and Chewbacca bring the young smuggler face to face with Jabba the Hutt for the first time.

                                  Zombie Tidal Wave

                                    • Horror

                                    Ziering stars as Hunter Shaw, a “rogue, veteran sailor” who “contends with the ocean-borne outbreak which threatens his seaside island community.