MovieWeb is proud to announce all new RSS feeds available for personal and professional use. We are now serving hundreds of content, statistical, and film specific RSS feeds, free of charge, so that you can stay on top of whats going on in the entertainment world.


Featured feeds include:

Movie Specific Feeds

MovieWeb is proud to now be serving film specific RSS feeds for any film we update to. What does this mean? It means you can now subscribe to various RSS feeds for your favorite films and get the latest updates on those films served straight to your news reader. We make it easy to track a film from it's begins pre-production stages to it's ultimate release into the home video realm.

Still confused? Say you want to know everything there is to know about Superman Returns. Well, browse our available movie feeds under 'S' and navigate to 'Superman Returns.' Click, or copy the link of the {@IMG:35FjA9sipFheMzd3foQzL3DoEgmTAY|Movie [email protected]} button into your news reader, or RSS aggregator, and presto! You're now receiving updates on every bit of news and media posted specifically for Superman Returns! it's as easy as that!

News Headlines

Delivered in several flavors, you can now get the latest 200 articles from all channels of, or narrow them down to specific sections such as Movie News, DVD/Home Video News, TV News and even Awards News. Our most popular feeds by far! Stay in the loop and subscribe today!

In Theaters This Week

Add this one to your My Yahoo! or Google Toolbar to keep your eyes on what's hitting theaters in the current week!

DVD & UMD Release Date Feeds

We're serving up two feeds which are updated 3 times a day, pushing out the most popular DVD and UMD releases coming to store shlelves for the week. A great feed that will keep you on your toes so you don't miss out on your favorite releases.

Box Office Feeds

We've got two feeds in this department, one updating with a daily take of the top grossing films, as well as an overall weekend box office feeds. Get your numbers straight and subscribe to these great feeds!

Database Updates

We've got so much content being constantly updated here at MovieWeb it's even hard for us to keep up! Our handy "Film Database Updates" feed, as well as our "Movie Pictures" feed will keep you informed of the latest rich media we update our various listings with. Take a look!

Statistical Feeds

We've also added a slew of statistical feeds for your enjoyment! These feeds will keep you updated with the most popular upcoming films and dvds, as well as let you know when prices drop on popular DVD releases!

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