Jennifer Garner, Hugh Jackman, and Olivia Wilde lead in all-star cast in the comedy Butter, available on Blu-ray and DVD today, Tuesday, December 4th. The movie follows a group of highly competitive butter carvers vying for that coveted first place blue ribbon amongst the backdrop of small town politics and a lot of backstabbing. To celebrate the release of this sly parody of the sports genre, Anchor Bay sent our central office a surprise holiday gift. Some of the actually butter carvers utilized in the making of Butter took a three foot slab of the hard yellow stuff and emblemized it with Movieweb's iconic M logo. Standing at a height taller than Butter star Yara Shahidi, that's a lot of golden spread to go around. It looks like we'll be investing in a lot of bread this Christmas. Check it out, and then be sure to check out Butter on Blu-ray or DVD.

MovieWeb's Butter

Butter is available on Blu-ray and DVD starting today!