MovieWeb is Proud to Announce User Reviews!

What have you got to say for yourself?

Now every MovieWeb user with an opinion on film (and let's face it, everyone has them) can share their thoughts with the rest of the world.

Once you post your thoughts, your reviews will appear right along with those of MovieWeb's esteemed critics and rogue gallery of writers. You know you've got more to say than those hacks Ebert, Roeper, B. Alan and Mushy!

Show us your stuff and let every MovieWeb user from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe bathe in your eloquent prose. Throw your words into the ether for the top names in Hollywood to read.

How does it work? Simple.

There are a number of different ways to actually add a review or rate a film. Take a look...

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Just search a theatrical film title, browse to that film's page and add your review OR rating.

Don't forget you have to be a registered userandlogged in to post.

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Upon logging into your account here at MovieWeb you can also find new links to Review Movies or Edit Your Reviews.

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Once you've hit one of the many buttons or links to review a movie, actually submitting a review is a snap! Select star ratings for the different categories. Enter text into the Your Overall Quote and Your Review text boxes, and post away! Your review will automatically show up on the site...

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It'll also be listed on the film page for the film you reviewed...

Movie Picture well as listed on your MovieWeb homepage!


Are you a curmudgeon or a cream-puff? Show us your stuff! But above all, make your reviews GOOD! We've got some big plans for user that can write well and score high within the MovieWeb community, so stay tuned.

More stuff coming soon! DVD reviews are next, followed by lots of new user features... all for the best community of movie lovers on the 'net!