MovieWeb has teamed up with Filmloop to create image-loops of this week's movie releases for delivery to your desktop via the FilmLoop player. These loops give you quick access to cool hi-res movie stills and movie posters for these films. The loop will be automatically updated each week to display the movie poster and the 3 most-requested images, for each movie being released that week.

FilmLoop's player software was designed as an easy way to share photos and images with your friends and family, but MovieWeb, FilmLoop and the studios also believe its a great way to share the best images from upcoming films with moviegoers.

FilmLoop consists of a player that is downloaded to display a continual band of images. Don't worry, there's no spam or spyware with this software...

The weekly filmloop will automatically update itself mid-week, so when you open the FilmLoop, it will remove the previous week's movie images and automatically show the posters and images for the current week.

To get the "This week's movies" posters and images FilmLoop, click right here.

If you already have the FilmLoop player installed, this link will automatically load the loop. If you do not have the FilmLoop player installed, it will take you a FilmLoop webpage to install the player.

- Once the Movieweb loop is loaded, you will see a band of images scrolling across your screen.

- Click on any poster or movie image thumbnail to open a window that will show you a hi-res version of the image with captions (see the yellow arrow in the below graphic).

- At the bottom of each image/poster is a link (see the yellow box in the below graphic) which will give you more information about the movie:

* Clicking the link below the poster will take you to the Movieweb page will all the summary information about the movie: Synopsis, trailers, video-clips...

* Clicking on the link below a movie image will take you to the thumbnail gallery of ALL the hi-res images for this movie ... and by the way, all of the images on the Movieweb site are even higher-res than the images shown in the FilmLoop. If you like Hi-res images, make sure to check these out!

More about FilmLoop:

FilmLoop is free photocasting software that lets you broadcast, find, and share photos. It's an instant way to share your photos with your entire social network, and have everyone get involved. When you share your Loop, you're not emailing lots of JPGs. You just send a link to your Loop in an email. Clicking on the link opens the Loop. That's it.

Whenever you make a change to your Loop, everyone in your Loop sees your changes. Automatically. Instantly. Plus, your Loop can be updated, expanded and commented upon by anyone in your Loop, and everyone will see their updates instantly too.

For more information on FilmLoop, check out their website at