Yesterday the MovieWeb crew got a chance to catch an advance screening of Revenge of the Sith which serves as the final chapter to the long-awaited completion of the Star Wars saga. Many mixed feelings were had by all in attendance, but we here at MovieWeb are gigantic Star Wars fans, (yes we even like that Jar-Jar episode) so you know we're going to give it to you some straight honest reviews, appealing to both the hardcore Star Wars junkie, to the casual fan with no true George Lucas dependencies.

CLICK HERE to read Evan "Mushy" Jacobs' 5 star glowing review.

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Note: This review comes completely spoiler free.

CLICK HERE for B. Alan Orange's 4 star review of the film. Right on target from a hardcore fan's perspective. Not overly joyed about the film, but not completely hateful either.

Note: This review contains spoilers! You have been warned.

On a sidenote, Lucasfilm has unveiled 2 more TV spots in anticipation of the film's release into the mainstream.

CLICK HERE for a look at the new spots Star Wars fans!