That's right! We've re-launched our infamous RSS Feeds, and they're better than ever!

Keep up to date with content at MovieWeb using our RSS feeds. Select from the list of the available feeds which work with any RSS news reader.

Choose from...

  • 10 different news feeds including Film, TV and DVD/Blu-ray headlines
  • - 8 release date feeds including Theatrical releases, DVD / Blu-ray releases and TV episode premieres
  • - 2 different flavors of Box Office feeds
  • - 16 Movie, TV, DVD and Blu-ray review feeds
  • - 7 Video feeds including the latest Full TV Episode and Full Movie lists
  • - 10 user activity feeds!
  • - 12 "Most Popular" feeds tracking the most popular things at the site

CLICK HERE to check out the new RSS feeds!

As you can see we've been busy, but we're still working on more. Stay tuned for new feeds to be added soon as well as more ways to integrate MovieWeb into your life!

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