Listen up hi-def humbugs and Blu-ray Scrooges! This is the year you'll not just want, but need, to buy a new hi-def plasma screen and a shiny black Blu-ray player for Christmas (and/or whatever other holiday you choose to celebrate with lavish gifts). Why? Because this technology has reached its performance plateau. And it is finally at a reasonable price most of us can afford. Not only that, it serves as the one prefect gift the entire family can enjoy together. With more Blu-ray titles being released right now than ever before, there simply couldn't be a better time to dive head first into this leading technological platform.

But wait! There's one thing you don't want to overlook after all that exciting new equipment has been unwrapped. Without a stack of Blu-ray discs strategically placed in each family member's stocking with care, your gorgeous new HD flat screen becomes a delectable serving tray, and that Blu-ray player is nothing more than an expensive drink holder. All the stores are closed, and you'll be forced to listen to your creepy aunt recall the better parts of Disney's a Christmas Carol in shades of whiskey-soaked 3D. You'll be nibbling green olives off a toothpick while striving to find crystal clarity in the bottom of a Brandy drenched egg nog. Don't be that family member who causes your new home entertainment center to experience a holiday weekend blackout. Take a look at our exclusive 2009 Blu-ray guide for the perfect hi-def gift ideas this year. We've got something for everyone. Even you! So read, and enjoy:

Rome: The Complete Series on Blu-rayRome: The Complete Series on Blu-ray

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This HBO series was only on the air for two seasons, for 22 episodes total, but this glimpse into the life of the tail end of the Roman Empire still has a massive fan base. This 11-disc set features the entire two-season run and also includes commentary tracks, a featurette and a photo gallery as well. This fantastic set will be a perfect gift for anyone who wants to take a trip back into ancient Roman times with our buddy Titus Pullo and Co. This would also be a fantastic gift for any fan of Ray Stevenson or anyone with a fascination with this compelling era.Rome: The Complete Series will be available in an 11-disc set on November 17.

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Battlestar Galactica: The Complete SeriesBattlestar Galactica: The Complete Series

Sci-fi fans will be rejoicing all across the country (perhaps yelling "So say we all!") if they find this mammoth DVD set under the tree this year. This 25-disc gift set will include all four seasons of this overwhelmingly popular Sci Fi Channel series, including the mini-series that started it all. The set also comes in unique, collectible packaging and 13 mind-blowing hours of bonus features including a look at Bear McCreary's score, podcast commentaries, video blogs from David Eick and much, much more. And, if that sci-fi fan on your list is already caught up with the series on DVD, you can't go wrong with Battlestar Galactica: Season 4.5 to close out their DVD collection. Both of these glorious sets are available on DVD shelves now.

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National Lampoon's Christmas VacationNational Lampoon's Christmas Vacation [WS] [20th Anniversary Collector's Edition]

For Dad comes a new improved version of this beloved Christmas classic. In what is perhaps the most cherished of the four true Vacation films, Chevy Chase returns as father extraordinaire Clark Griswold, handling the holiday season the only way he knows how. With a new digital transfer arriving just in time for the film's 20th anniversary, this Griswold family adventure has never been as vibrant or as jolly. You'll get to relive some truly classic moments like the squirrel in the Christmas tree and the arrival of Cousin Eddie (Randy Quaid). You'll also get some darn cute collectables such as a Santa hat, a box of fake snow, a set of drink coasters with classic images and lines from the film for use when your own Cousin Eddie arrives in town, an "I survived a Griswold Family Christmas" lapel pin, and most exciting of all, a replica of the Wally World moose egg nog sipping cup as seen in the film itself. This is six gifts in one, and it'll make pop proud to have you has a son or daughter.

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Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind [70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition] [With Book] [4 Discs] [Blu-ray]

For mothers of all ages comes this classic tale of love set against the Civil War. You'll marvel as Scarlett O'Hara (Vivien Leigh) and Rhett Butler (Clark Gable) come to life in vivid hi-def for the first time ever. This classic film has been digitally remastered for ultimate picture and sound quality in honor of its 70th anniversary. Delve into the history of Victor Fleming's seminal masterwork with over eight hours of enhanced archival footage that is sure to captivate and memorize any true Gone with the Wind fan. This extraordinary four disc set comes packed in a beautiful velvet keepsake box with a 1939 souvenir program reproduction, a forty-page history book, eight farmable art prints, and a CD soundtrack. Your mother will only be able to say, "Wow!"

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Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs [3 Discs] [Includes Digital Copy] [Blu-ray/DVD]

They're not quite a tween, not quite a toddler, but they're definitely dieing for something to watch this Christmas Eve? Why not stuff their stocking with this summer smash? Its butt-wagging ways are sure to please every single child in the house (except for maybe that one girl who's fallen in love with Twilight and now wants to be a Goth). Covered in snow and featuring some of the cutest dinosaurs to ever grace the silver screen, this third chapter in the popular Ice Age series finds our heroes Manny (Ray Romano), Diego (Dennis Leary), and Ellie (Queen Latifah) on a mission to rescue the hapless Sid (John Leguizamo), who has gotten in over his head with a couple of baby T-Rexes. We are also introduced to a new character named Buck (Simon Pegg), a relentless, one-eyed dino-hunting weasel who helps our gang find their way back home. The Blu-ray comes packed with an audio commentary, a storybook maker, a look at the real-life animals featured in the film, and a documentary about everyone's prehistoric squirrel Scrat. The kids are sure to love it.

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G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra [2 Discs] [Includes Digital Copy] [Blu-ray]

For that elusive ten year old hiding in all of us comes this big screen adaptation of the popular 80s cartoon and toy line from Hasbro. There's no denying the sheer amount of fun locked in this non-stop action rollercoaster thrillride. From the Egyptian desert to deep below the polar ice caps, the elite G.I. JOE team uses the latest in next-generation spy and military equipment to fight the corrupt arms dealer Destro (Christopher Eccleston) and the growing threat of the mysterious Cobra organization. Their mission is to prevent this plague from plunging the world into chaos. Buy it for your boys, your nephew, or heck, you might even enjoy it, hiding behind the couch with a handful of action figures, pretending you are a kid again. This sucker doesn't stop to breathe for a second. Included on this two-disc set is an audio commentary with director Stephen Sommers, a look at the frantic making of the film, and an in-depth overview of the costumes and special effects. This is one Blu-ray you might just want to sneak away from your boys after they go to bed Christmas night.

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Supernatural: The Complete Fourth SeasonSupernatural: The Complete Fourth Season [4 Discs] [Blu-ray]

For that spook loving teen, creepy sister, or anyone that likes to stare at the hotness that is Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki comes this fourth action packed season of the popular CW series. Sam and Dean Winchester are back, battling demons and attempting to save the world from an impending apocalypse. In the process, they managed to unleash Satan from the gates of Hell. With an epic storyline that ties the last three seasons together, and some classic stand-alone episodes that are sure to usher in a whole new generation of fans, this beautiful new set is sure to bring a smile to those ghost hungry fans on the eighth night of Hanukah. This exciting hi-def collection also comes packed with some awesome new special features including a hilarious blooper reel, a look at the mythology behind the series, some really cool extended and deleted scenes, and three brand new audio commentaries. If your looking for a good scare this Christmas Eve, look no further than the Winchesters.

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Monsters, Inc. [4 Discs] [Includes Digital Copy] [DVD/Blu-ray]

For those teens feeling nostalgic about their childhood comes an all-new hi-def transfer of this classic Pixar fantasy. Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sully (John Goodman) are two professional Monsters whose job it is to scare kids. When a little girl accidentally sneaks into their company warehouse, its up to these two best friends to risk life and limb in getting her back to the human world without anyone finding out about it. Full of huge laughs and hilarious thrills, this is one family movie that hasn't aged a day since its original landmark release. The new Blu-ray release comes stacked with so many special features; you won't be able to finish watching them through February. There are audio commentaries, in-depth looks at the production, a filmmakers' roundtable, and a couple of animated shorts to boot. If you don't already own this extraordinary animated effort, what are you waiting for? This is a sure fire crowd pleaser when it comes to entertaining the family after your Diwali fest.

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District 9

District 9 [Blu-ray]

Do you have a surely high schooler in your midst that scoffs at every lame romantic comedy and superficial drama that comes through the house on movie night? Why not treat them to this bombastic blast of fun? Neill Blomkamp's sci-fi masterpiece wowed audiences this summer, and it certainly makes for the sort of Christmas gift that will keep on giving well into the new year. Thirty years ago, aliens made first contact with Earth. Humans waited for the hostile attack, or the giant advances in technology. Neither came. Instead, the aliens were refugees, the last survivors of their home world. The creatures were set up in a makeshift home in South Africa's District 9 as the world's nations argued over what to do with them. Now, patience over the alien situation has run out. Control over the aliens has been contracted out to Multi- National United (MNU), a private company uninterested in the aliens' welfare. The tension between the aliens and the humans finally comes to a head when an MNU field operative, Wikus van der Merwe, contracts a mysterious virus that begins changing his DNA. Wikus quickly becomes the most hunted man in the world, as well as the most valuable: He is the key to unlocking the secrets of alien technology. Ostracized and friendless, there is only one place left for him to hide: District 9. The new Blu-ray contains tons of fun special features including an audio commentary with the filmmakers, a behind the scenes tour of the set, and a look at the special effects. This is one disc that will keep your older kids glued to their seats until its time to serve Christmas dinner.

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: A Very Sunny ChristmasIt's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: A Very Sunny Christmas [Blu-ray]

For your frat daddy college kids, this full-length holiday special brings Christmas home to Philly's own Paddy's Pub bar. Why not pop open a coldie and toast these most deviant, offensive and unwholesome bar owners as they celebrate the holiday in the raunchiest way possible? Follow Mac (Rob McElhenney), Charlie (Charlie Day), Dennis (Glen Howerton), Frank (Danny DeVito), and Sweet Dee (Kaitlin Olson) as they spread their Christmas spirit with inappropriate childhood videos, a bloody encounter with Santa Claus and all the over-the-top, twisted and politically incorrect behavior the city of brotherly love can handle. Bonus: Danny gets naked! This Blu-ray comes packed with behind the scenes footage of the cast and crew as they transform Paddy's Pub into a winter wonderland, home videos of the gang as children celebrating the holidays and a Christmas Carol "Sunny Sing-A-Long." It's the funniest holiday special ever made, and your dorm-bound brood is going to love it.

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Inglourious Basterds

Inglourious Basterds [Special Edition] [Includes Digital Copy] [2 Discs] [Blu-ray]

Want the perfect Hanukah gift? Nothing says lovin' like this Nazi killin' uber-classic from the master of exploitation cinema Quentin Tarantino. In the first year of the German occupation of France, Shosanna Dreyfus (Melanie Laurent) witnessed the execution of her family at the hands of Nazi Colonel Hans Landa (Christopher Waltz). Shosanna narrowly escaped, fleeing to Paris where she forged a new identity as the owner and operator of a cinema. Elsewhere in Europe, Lieutenant Aldo Raine (Brad Pitt) was organizing a group of Jewish soldiers to perform swift, shocking acts of retribution on the Nazi's. Later known to their enemy as "the basterds," Raine's squad joined German actress and undercover agent Bridget von Hammersmark on a mission to take down the leaders of the Third Reich. Fates converged at the Paris cinema, where Shosanna was poised to carry out a revenge plan of her own. It's the Jewish feel good movie of the year, and there won't be a better time than the upcoming holidays to join Raine's Basterd crew. The Blu-ray comes packed with extended and alternate scenes, a roundtable discussion with Tarantino, the short film Eli Roth made for the film-within-the-film entitled "Nation's Pride", a salute to the original 1978 film of the same name, and a hilarious Nazi-stompin' gag reel.

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Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz [70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition] [2 Discs] [With Book] [Blu-ray]

For the ultimate film historian in your family comes this eye-popping 70th anniversary collector's edition of the 1939 classic that has gone on to become a legendary piece of world cinema. Remastered for the ultimate hi-def experience, Dorothy and Toto's adventures in the World of Oz have never looked this beautiful. With special effects that stand the test of time and a classical sense of story telling, this is one film you will want to share with your friends and family for years to come. And it makes for perfect after-diner entertainment. Nothing says pumpkin pie and cranberry cobbler like the Tin Man, the Scarecrow, and the Cowardly Lion. Jam-packed with special features, this four-disc set also comes with a collectible book and an Emerald City wristwatch. You certainly can't go wrong with this at White Elephant gift giving time.

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Four ChristmasesFour Christmases [Special Edition] [2 Discs] [Includes Digital Copy] [Blu-ray]

Worried about what to give your four sets of parents this holiday season? Fret no more, as this hilarious romantic comedy will strike a chord with every step mom and dad living around that snow-laden cul-de-sac of yours. Staring Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon as a loving couple whose Christmas plans get cancelled, thus dooming them to a day of family dinners and disasters, this new laugh-filled adventure is sure to jingle your bells in the most gut-throbbing way. Also appearing in the film are Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek, Jon Voight, and Jon Favreau. You also get some great special features including a "Behind the Story" featurette, a look at holiday moments, and a crazy gag reel that will leave you snickering for days. Four Christmases is sure to become a wintertime classic.

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Living Fireplace, Vol. 2Living Fireplace, Vol. 2

The holidays are all about family coming together for this festive time of the year and, if you want to just relax and spend time with your family in a comfortable environment, we have a unique gift idea that would be perfect in achieving that. Screen Dreams is back with another installment of its popular DVD series Living Fireplace, Vol. 2, which turns any DVD or Blu-ray player into a holiday fireplace. This new volume includes over 20 fireplace settings, four which are unique to the Christmas holiday, with an array of holiday songs playing over these soothing images, such as Deck the Halls, Jingle Bells and other timeless classics. If you want to mix it up a bit, you can even select the Play All feature which will scroll through all of the various fireplace settings, with over 120 minutes of content. This is a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who appreciates some relaxing ambience this Christmas. Living Fireplace, Vol. 2 is available on DVD and Blu-ray shelves now.

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Smallville: The Complete EighthSmallville: The Complete Eighth Season [4 Discs] [Blu-ray]

Every comic book geek on the planet knows and loves Superman, so why not drop the most exciting season of CW's popular Clark Kent series into their stocking this year? Each and every episode is packed to the gills with action. Here in season 8, our hero moves closer and closer to his red and blue destiny, all the while Davis Bloome realizes that he is Doomsday and his mission on earth is to kill Clark at any cost. With twenty-two pulse-pounding stories, this is one gift that will keep on giving well after the lights on the tree have been extinguished and the tree itself is sitting bristle-less in the dumpster behind your house. There are also plenty of special features here including several episode audio commentaries, unaired scenes, and a look at how the production team brought Doomsday to vicious life.

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Fringe: The Complete First Season

Fringe: The Complete First Season [5 Discs] [Blu-ray]

What do you get that inquisitive kid in your life that loves to gross out his older sister and play pranks on his mom and pop? Why, the first season of this gloriously gory sci-fi serial from J.J. Abrams, of course. Revolving around three unlikely colleagues who team up to investigate a series of peculiar deaths and disasters known as "The Pattern", this five disc set will introduce you to eccentric scientist Walter Bishop (John Noble), his son Peter (Joshua Jackson), and FBI special agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv). Watch as they set off on an exciting series of adventures sure to please the sci-fi enthusiast in all of us. Heck, even the legendary Leonard Nemoy shows up for a few exciting episodes, leading to one of the best climaxes seen on television last year. You can't beat that. Maybe you missed it the first time around, when it was broadcast on Fox. Now you can use your holiday break to catch up on the best new sci-fi series out there at the moment. There's also a ton of backstage footage that makes this a very immersive experience for those interested in: "How the heck did they do that?" Its way more interesting and entertaining than the special effects books we used to get for Christmas as a kid back in the 70s and 80s.

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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - The Complete Second Season [5 Discs] [Blu-ray]

Hot girls, sexy guys, and nasty robots are sure to appeal to a wide range of your friends and family members. Luckily, this show has all of that and more. If your friend is a fan of the Terminator film series, and the last sequel didn't quite do it for him, maybe this high-octane action series will land right up his alley. Picking up just moments after the season one finale ended, this new set of exciting episodes follows the T-888 as it travels through time to hunt down John Connor (Thomas Dekker) and his mother Sarah (Lena Headley). Cameron (Summer Glau), a protective Terminator, experiences a meltdown while Derek Reese (Brian Austin Green) flies in to help his extended time-tripping family. It's a battle against SkyNet in glorious hues of red fire and black smoke that will drop your jaw more than once. It is a compassionate companion piece that works well in thrilling fans of the original film series. There are plenty of episode commentaries and behind the scenes featurettes included for those who want to find out more about how this crazy show came to life. It's a keeper.

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Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation [WS] [Director's Cut] [2 Discs] [Includes Digital Copy] [Blu-ray]

Don't pick up the above-mentioned set thinking you have all your sci-fi and nerd bases covered this year. Also arriving just in time for the holiday season is McG's prequel of sorts that reveals how John Connor (Christian Bale) came to lead the resistance. We also get to see a teenage Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin), and are introduced to a half-man, half machine named Marcus (Sam Worthington) who could very well change the course of history for all involved. With its Christ allegory, it couldn't come at a better time. Heck, it's more action-packed and exciting than the The Nativity Story and The Peanuts Holiday Collection combined. Both the theatrical PG-13 and a new R rated version are available. And the Blu-ray comes packed with a tone of brand new special features, one of which exposes Moon Bloodgood's naked breasts. Who wouldn't want to find that under their Festivus Pole this year?

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Hangover [Rated/Unrated] [Special Edition] [2 Discs] [Includes Digital Copy] [Blu-ray]

Got some newlyweds in the family? Then why not give them the most hilarious gift of the year with this surprise smash hit from acclaimed comedy director Todd Philips. Maybe your cousin's bachelor party wasn't "all that". Now, he and his fiancé can live vicariously through Doug (Justin Bartha) and his three rowdy friends (Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, and Zach Galifianakis) as they head out to Las Vegas for the blowout bachelor party to end all parties. Hi-jinks ensue the morning after when our three groomsmen awaken to find their groom missing. A stolen tiger, an angry Asian mob boss, and Mike Tyson play into this lively adventure that you'll want to watch over and over again come Christmas night. Packed to the gills with exclusive special features, this is one disc you'll want to get hung up on. Most definitely.

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Complete Season One

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - The Complete Season One [2 Discs] [Blu-ray]

For that Star Wars Geek still hiding in all of us comes this beautiful three-disc set from the popular Cartoon Network series. Some scoffed when this first hit theaters last year, but on the small screen, The Clone Wars has proven itself to be one of the most exciting, challenging, and down right coolest thing to come out of the Star Wars cannon in years. As the Clone Wars sweep through the galaxy, the heroic Jedi Knights, including Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Master Yoda and padawan Ahsoka Tano, struggle to maintain order and restore peace. Despite the best efforts of these brave protectors, more and more planets are falling prey to the sinister forces of the dark side. This set contains all twenty-two of the original season one episodes, along with some excellent behind the scenes features. Heck, even Jar Jar Binks fans will be pleased to find the much maligned Gungan getting his own turn at awesomeness. Yes, this is one Blu-ray set Star Wars fans aren't going to want to miss out on!

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It Might Get Loud

It Might Get Loud [Blu-ray]

What about that musician on your list? Does your aspiring son or daughter already have Guitar Hero and Rock band? Don't fret; we've got your answer with this inspiring documentary from director Davis Guggenheim. He takes a look at three rock legends from different eras, and shows us the meaning behind that most elusive of instruments, the electric guitar. Sitting down for a lively chat are The White Stripes' Jack White, U2's The Edge, and Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page. Each performer brings something different to the table, and before jamming out; they lift the lid on what inspired them to become the musical geniuses they are today. This is one of the best documentaries of the year, and its full of stompin' rock music the likes of which should start any party hopping. Make sure you don't leave this one off your Christmas-time to watch list. Otherwise, you'll be missing out!

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Cars Blu-ray

Cars Blu-ray

For that NASCAR fan, mechanic, or car loving kid in your life that just can't seem to let go of Steve McQueen's legacy, there's the Cars [2 Discs] [Ultimate Gift Pack] [With Die-Cast Cars] [Blu-ray/DVD]. From Pixar comes this high- octane adventure that reveals life is all about the journey, not the finish line. Hotshot rookie race car Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) is living life in the fast lane until he hits a detour on his way to the most important race of his life. Stranded in Radiator Springs, a forgotten town on the old Route 66, he meets Sally, Mater (Larry the Cable Guy), Doc Hudson (Paul Newman), and a variety of quirky characters who help him discover that there's more to life than trophies and fame. Revved up with a sensational soundtrack, featuring Rascal Flatts, Sheryl Crow, John Mayer, James Taylor and others, plus exciting bonus features, including the exclusive short movie "Mater And The Ghostlight," Cars is full of freewheeling fun for everyone. This exciting package also comes packed with die cast metal replicas from the film. How cool is that?

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Command Performance

Command Performance [Blu-ray]

Looking for something to please your eccentric uncle who has everything? Well, we bet he hasn't seen this Dolph Lundgren directed action masterpiece, which stars the hulking Swede as a drummer in charge of thwarting a terrorist take over at a rock concert. In what can only be described as the coolest action film of the year, Dolph decimates the bad guys with his instruments, impaling a guy in the chest with a guitar neck, stabbing someone else in the eye with a drumstick, and smashing in a couple of heads with his bass kit. Maybe its not very Christmassy, but so what? It sure will make your uncle smile for days. We'd put money on the fact that by New Year's Day, he'll be claiming this is one of his favorite movies of all time. Included with the disc is an interview with Dolph, as well as a behind the scenes look at this soon-to-be-legendary production.

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Ugly Truth

Ugly Truth [Blu-ray]

When it comes to gift giving, you certainly don't want to forget your lonely cat-loving Aunt. She'll fall in love with this raunchy comedy, which stars Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl as mismatched partners in love. Abby Richter is a romantically challenged morning show producer whose search for Mr. Perfect has left her hopelessly single. She's in for a rude awakening when her bosses team her up with Mike Chadway, a hardcore TV personality who promises to spill the ugly truth on what makes men and women tick. Will they fall head over heels in love with each other? You betcha! Give your Aunt a little hope this holiday season. Sprinkle this on her salad, and she's sure to light up like a Christmas tree. The disc comes loaded with special features including an audio commentary on select scenes, a selection of deleted and extended scenes, and a behind the scenes look at the cast's perfected chemistry.

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Bruno [Blu-ray]

For your wacky cousin, be he straight or gay, comes this hilarious, heart-stopping collection of cruel practical jokes from the mad genius that is Sasha Baron Cohen. In his latest guise, Cohen is Bruno, Austria's favorite fashionista. In this shocking mockumentary, the flamboyant TV show host loses his job and flees to America, where he will stop at nothing to become famous. Bouncing from the world of fashion, to the world of celebrities, to a redneck cage match that will have you clinching your butt cheeks in fear, no topic is off limits for this crazy caricature out to give bad taste a good name. This disc includes a great picture-in-picture audio commentary with director Larry Charles and Cohen, forty-one minutes of deleted scenes (including the stuff about Michael Jackson that was excised from the final film the day before its theatrical release), twenty minutes of extended footage, and a few alternative scenes. If you're looking for something to laugh at over that jolly ol' punch bowl full of eggnog, this will certainly do the trick.

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Torchwood: Children of Earth [Blu-ray] [2 Discs]

For that U.K. relative who's just flown in for the holidays, we have this shocking miniseries offshoot from the popular Torchwood BBC series, which follows a team of investigators who use a scavenged piece of alien technology to solve crimes. These five episodes arrive with enough powerful revelations to fuel an entire season. Popular characters will die, Captain Jack will discover some startling revelations about himself, and a world is left on the brink of disaster. This is the thinking man's gift, and it's sure to please the more sophisticated sci-fi scholar in your midst. The Blu-ray also comes with a very insightful 30 minute behind the scenes documentary, making it a must have for that Torchwood fan in your life.

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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince [Special Edition] [3 Discs] [Includes Digital Copy] [Blu-ray

For kids of all ages comes the sixth installment of the hugely popular Harry Potter franchise. This time out, the Death Eaters are causing a ruckus by threatening the Muggle and Wizard worlds alike. With Lord Voldemort on the rise, Hogwarts just isn't the safe haven it used to be. Dumbledore must unlock the secrets of Voldemort's past, but he can't do it without the help of Harry and the school's former Potions Professor Horace Slughorn. It's a race against time in this timeless adventure that will have you cheering all the way through New Years Day. This is the best Harry Potter yet, and Christmas just wouldn't be the same without those kids of Gryffindor. Arriving in a 3 disc set, you'll also get a close-up chat with the cast and crew, a look at a year in the life of J.K. Rowling as she completes her seventh and final book, and a sneak peak into the Universal Orlando Resort attraction based on the film.

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Wallace & Gromit: The Complete Collection

Wallace & Gromit: The Complete Collection [4 Discs] [Blu-ray]

What do you get the animation fan in your life that has everything? How about the entire collection of Wallace and Gromit short films from Aardman Entertainment remastered in glorious hi-def. Okay, so a "real" complete collection would also include The Curse of the Were-Rabbit feature film. But beggars can't be choosers. Here, we get four award-winning animated shorts including A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers, A Close Shave, and the just released A Matter of Loaf and Death. These hilarious homemade tales will win over the entire family, and they've never looked this vibrant and detailed. You can literally see the filmmakers' fingerprints on the clay. Creator Nick Park offers an excellent stream of audio commentaries on all four shorts, and there are some great behind the scenes documentaries as well that delve into the painstaking process of bringing these beloved characters to life.

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Up [4 Discs] [Includes Digital Copy] [Blu-ray/DVD]

For the grumpy grandpa in your family comes this beloved modern day classic from Disney/Pixar. Who hasn't dreamed of floating away in a house attached to balloons? That's exactly what 78-year old balloon salesman Carl Fredricksen does in this modern day adventure that sees the cantankerous old man drifting into South America for the trip of a lifetime. Filled with vivid life and non-stop excitement, critics and fans alike have called this the best film to ever come out of Pixar studios. A brimming load of special features take you behind the animation process, and reveal all the secrets behind Carl's retirement vacation of a lifetime. If this doesn't make ol' granddad smile, nothing else will! (Well, maybe some old Playboys will do the trick, but that's not necessarily appropriate for the 8th night of Hanukah, now is it?).

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs [Limited Edition] [3 Discs] [With Book] [Blu-ray/DVD]

A timeless classic for your little sister and younger niece who wish to be princesses, Disney introduces its new Diamond Collection with "The One That Started It All". Snow White is finally presented in high-definition Blu-ray for the first time ever, and its never been this gorgeous. Poised to transform home entertainment, just as the movie itself transformed the entire motion-picture industry upon its debut in 1937, this revolutionary disc brings audiences the most immersive and highest-level viewing experience ever. Your purchase also includes unparalleled features, exclusive high definition content and updatable experiences, superior picture and sound, and much, much more. If you buy yourself just one gift this holiday season, this should be it. There isn't anything else comparable on the market.

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Santa Buddies

Santa Buddies: The Legend of Santa Paws [2 Discs] [Blu-ray/DVD]

Dog lovers unit! The next installment of Disney's cherished Buddies franchise is bringing it home for the holidays. And each pup is sure to be celebrating in his or her own special way come this December. When we last left our brood of pooches, they'd been sent into outer space. Now, they are back and headed to the North Pole, where they will unveil The Legend of Santa Paws. You'll meet new friends, discover the true meaning of teamwork, and experience escapades that put all other Christmas-themed specials to shame. This is one stocking full of holiday cheer your little ones will want to watch for years to come. This awesome new Blu-ray also comes packed with plenty of never-before seen bonus material as well as five of your very own collectible plush Buddies dressed in their favorite holiday outfits. Buy it for Grandma, you crazy dog-worshipping aunt, or your baby sis. It's a crowd pleaser that will bring a smile to even the most Scrooged-up of faces.

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G-Force [3 Discs] [Includes Digital Copy] [Blu-ray/DVD]

Finding it hard to shop for that toddler in the family? Don't fret, there isn't a three year old in the house that won't love Disney's G-Force! The tweens are sure to adore this high-octane tale of rodents, too, as its funny and charming enough for the whole family to enjoy. Watch as a top secret, highly trained trio of guinea pig super spies attempt to foil a dastardly plot to destroy the entire world! This gorgeously rendered CGI-live action mix is sure to be an eye-popping experience in hi-def. Starring the voice talents of Sam Rockwell, Tracy Morgan, Penelope Cruz, and Nicolas Cage, there won't be a more outrageous adventure this Christmas season. This set comes jam-packed with excellent extras such as an audio commentary, a look at guinea pig boot camp, and some gut-rocking bloopers. You want to keep the kids occupied while you play poker in the other room, right? This will be your secret weapon. Join G-Force today!

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Star Trek

Star Trek [Special Edition] [3 Discs] [Includes Digital Copy] [Blu-ray]

Your older brother is sure to fall in love with this J.J. Abrams' box office hit. It has everything a man could want in a movie: Fist fights, car chases, space ships, booze, sexy green women, and a compelling storyline. Just when you thought Star Trek was a doomed franchise, this strong kicker proved otherwise. Picking up in an alternate timeline from the original TV series, young Star Fleet cadets James T. Kirk (Chris Pine), Spock (Zachery Quinto), and Dr. McCoy (Karl Urban) set out for the adventure of a lifetime in attempting to thwart an enemy that threatens all mankind. Full of non-stop action and thrills, this is one of the funnest Blu-ray releases of the year. It's so atomic, it's sure to set the Christmas tree on fire. There are three discs worth of extras here, which boldly go over every single aspect of bringing this crowd pleaser to life. If your brother doesn't like it, you'll find no problem in keeping it for your own collection. That much is certain.

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Proposal [Deluxe Edition] [2 Discs] [Includes Digital Copy] [Blu-ray]

So, your older sister has just fallen in love for the very first time. Why not express your heartfelt congratulations this holiday season with this very funny Sandra Bullock movie? It has a little bit of everything for all parties involved. The sexy Sandra will tide the guys over, while her on-screen paramour Ryan Reynolds will have the women drooling into their warm winter soup. And for everyone else, there's Oscar Nunez stealing the show as a stripper of all trades. When publishing powerhouse Margaret Tate is faced with being deported back to her home country of Canada, she does what any self-respecting woman would do. She forces her very cute, yet extremely over-worked assistant, to marry her. Hi-jinks ensue. This was a surprise hit this summer. If you haven't seen it yet, let it be the surprise hit of your Kwanza coming out party. Special features include an audio commentary with the director and writer, some deleted and alternate scenes, and a set out of outtakes.

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Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure

Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure [2 Discs] [Blu-ray]

For that little girl that refuses to stay out of her mother's make-up drawer comes this animated fairytale starring everyone's favorite forest pixie. In her second stand-alone adventure, Tink must help her fairy friends change the color of the leaves, help the geese fly south, and tend to the pumpkin patches as autumn arrives a little early. While awaiting the arrival of the rare and beautiful Blue Moon, Tinker Bell accident puts all of Pixie Hallow in jeopardy and must set off on a high seas adventure to turn things right and restore the Hallow's supply of treasured Pixie Dust. It's a thrilling, colorful ride that will leave most preschoolers captivated. Also included with this new Blu-ray disc is a set of Pixie Hollow bloopers, a magical guide to the land itself, and a Demi Lovato music video. Your niece is bound to think you're a little less creepy once you stuff this in her stocking. Guaranteed.

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Lost: The Complete Fifth Season

Lost: The Complete Fifth Season [5 Discs] [Blu-ray]

Is your dad the adventurous type? Then he'll love this exciting fifth season of ABC's hit drama. All seventeen episodes have been digitally mastered for the highest in sound and picture quality. Fans and critics alike have called this the best season yet, and pops will want to watch it again and again. The five-disc set comes packed with never-before-seen bonus material, including revealing cast interviews and behind-the-scenes features, as well as "LOST University", a captivating immersive bonus experience powered by BD-Live that will expand the world of Lost, giving viewers around the world an unprecedented interactive experience unlike any other before it. The mystery, action and intrigue that have made Lost one of the most influential shows of the decade gathers speed as the show nears its highly anticipated final season. To make it really special for the holidays, the special edition Lost Season 5 Dharma Initiative Orientation Kit collector's set will be released in vintage three-ring binder packaging featuring info/materials for fans to feel as though they are an actual Dharma recruit on the island. How much fun is that? Too much!

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Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! [WS] [Gimmie! Gimme! Gimme More Gift Set] [Blu-ray/CD] [With Book]

Does your mom often sing or whistle while she does house work? Well, then, she'll love this awesome gift set from what is sure to become her favorite movie (if its not already). Not only do you get the big screen version of the popular musical starring Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried, you also get a ton of cool souvenirs from the film that are sure to make your mother giddy with happiness. There's a music CD, a collectable book, and a nice keepsake box for storing this precious disc. Inspired by the storytelling magic of ABBA's songs from "Dancing Queen" and "S.O.S." to "Money, Money, Money" and "Take a Chance on Me," Mamma Mia! is a celebration of mothers and daughters, old friends and new family found. There simply isn't a better gift out there for your mom this season.

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Kevin Smith Box Set

Kevin Smith Box Set: Clerks/Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back/Chasing Amy [3 Discs] [Blu-ray]

For that guy in your life that simply refuses to grow up, there's the definite Kevin Smith collection, which gathers three of his genre-defying comedies all in one convenient place. It all starts with the 1994 black and white arthouse laugher Clerks, the film that put Kevin Smith on the map. His third, and most critically acclaimed masterwork Chasing Amy is also featured here, as is the funnest film in his catalogue Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Together, these three classic comedies offer a great overview of the auteur's early history in cinema. The set also contains a bevy of all new, never before seen special features created exclusively for this set as well as some classical documentaries and audio commentaries. If you love Kevin Smith and his work, you'll not want to miss owning this amazing compilation.

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Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian [3 Discs] [Includes Digital Copy] [Blu-ray/DVD]

The neighborhood kids are coming over for Christmas cookies and punch. And you want to have something for them when they leave. Why not doll out this massive holiday hit? Its sure to entertain children of all ages, genders, and ethnicities no matter what holiday they may be celebrating this year (never can tell who you might offend with traditional Christmas fare). Shawn Levy directs this sequel, which follows night guard Larry Daley (Ben Stiller), now a successful entrepreneur, as he returns to the Museum of Natural History to visit his friends, the exhibits that come to life at night, only to learn that they are being shipped off into deep storage at the Smithsonian Institution. Will he save the day? Of course. Will he fall in love? Most definitely? Will the neighborhood kids dig it? You bet! This three-disc set comes stuffed with special features that will keep everyone entertained for hours on end. And only a lil' Scrooge would truly hate it.

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Julie & Julia

Julie & Julia [Blu-ray]

Looking for something to appease the hungry before you serve them that giant holiday meal? Why not make this hilarious and heartfelt memoir your appetizer of choice? Culinary Legend Julia Child (Meryl Streep) provides frustrated office worker Julie Powel (Amy Adams) with a new recipe for life in this inspired true story. Its two biopics in one, really, as we watch how Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking cookbook inspired fledgling writer Powell to whip up 524 recipes in 365 days and introduce a new generation to the magic of Child's culinary ways. Not starving yet? Check out the delicious special features, which include quite a few cooking tutorials along with an audio commentary from writer/director Nora Ephron and a peek behind the scenes of Julia Child's real life. Now, where is that lobster and those braised beef short ribs? I'm famished.

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