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B. Alan and Army visit Baton Rouge Louisiana for an advanced look at this summer's Dukes of Hazzard re-imagining...

"This movie is going to be awesome." That was my only thought after viewing a few moments of a General Lee car chase on Director Jay Chandrasekhar's laptop. As of this moment, I'm pretty much sworn to secrecy about the whole thing, but it sure has me excited. After a slew of rather mediocre and uninspired TV-to-film remakes, it looks like someone has finally gotten it right. You might think I'm full of poppycock, but trust me on this. You haven't seen anything like what these guys are cooking up…

This new film is going to recall the pure funcore joy of such classic car chase staples as Smokey and the Bandit and The Blues Brothers, two films that have acted as direct inspiration for this new big screen Dukes of Hazzard. Jay, of Broken Lizard fame, assured us that he's going to "f*ck the frame up!" Meaning, he's doing absolutely everything he can to rock this one out of the park. (And, if you've seen the similarly themed Super Troopers, you're inclined to believe the man.)

Movie PictureProducer Bill Gerber promised that this would be the "Anti-Starsky & Hutch." A film that will stand on its own, and demand repeat viewings. They're striving hard to make Dukes more than a throwaway movie-of-the-week. At first, I was skeptical. Being a fan of the original show, I was afraid it would fail at reviving that good ol' boy spirit. Now that I've seen some of Chandrasekhar's sh*t in action, I can pretty much guarantee you that this is going to be one of the biggest surprise hits of the Summer. (I mean, come on, you've seen those pictures of Jessica in that pink bikini. Tell me I'm wrong.)

In the coming weeks, I will be able to share with you exactly what I saw and experienced in Louisiana. I've got a ton of pictures to show off, a detailed account of what happened on set, alongside audio interviews with the cast and crew, including Johnny Knoxville, Seann William Scott, and Daisy Duke herself, Jessica Simpson. Plus, I'll tell you about my run-in with Burt Reynolds. Let's just say the guy's going to owe me $100 after next week's Superbowl game.

For a look at some hi-jacked pictures, CLICK HERE

That's just a tiny taste of awaits us this summer. Talk about your Sexy Swimming Hole Whiskey Rock and Roll party…

(To be continued...)

Movie Picture

(Note: Not actual car used in the film)