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Seasons Greetings our faithful MovieWebbers!Just in time for the holidays is our grab-bag pick of the 25 DVDs you need in your collection. It is an eclectic mix to be sure but one that will get you thinking (if nothing else!). Some of these movies are germane to Thanksgiving and Christmas, while others just evoke feelings that bespeak the holidays. So enjoy our list and have a safe and happy Holiday Season!

Movie PictureSuperman Ultimate Collector's Edition

RELATED: Movieweb's 2015 Holiday Gift Guide Okay, Superman fans, this is the release you have been waiting for! The Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition is the definitive Superman release of this year. Not only does it contain all the movies in the series, not only does it have a slew of extras, but it contains the long sought after, never before seen Richard Donner Cut of Superman II! You cannot celebrate the holidays without owning this.{@IMG:QdkKhwUc4q4hAkasrLS15uazQj7Ksh|Movie [email protected]}

Movie PictureFriends: The Complete Seasons 1-10

Can you think of a better way to get through the holidays with your in-laws? Friends: The Complete Seasons 1-10 gives you every episode with Rachel, Ross, Phoebe, Chandler, Monica, and Joey. If that wasn't enough to make run out and purchase this set, it also contains 19 hours of bonus features. Tell your in-laws to top that!{@IMG:QdkKhwUc4q4hAkasrLS15uazQj7Ksh|Movie [email protected]}

Movie PictureWest Wing: The Complete Series Collection

The West Wing: The Complete Series Collection contains 45 discs spanning all 7 seasons of this groundbreaking show. Considering the times we are living in and how much this show captured the cultural zeitgeist, I can think of few TV on DVD offerings that are as important as this one.{@IMG:QdkKhwUc4q4hAkasrLS15uazQj7Ksh|Movie [email protected]}

Movie PictureThe Sopranos: Season Six - Part 1

What are the holidays without "The Family"? Zip. Zilch. That's why you gotta dive right into the first part of thee end of one of the greatest television series to ever grace your TV set. It may not be over yet, but The Sopranos: Season Six - Part 1 packs plenty of punches and is the perfect gift for Dad or your young angst-filled teen! {@IMG:QdkKhwUc4q4hAkasrLS15uazQj7Ksh|Movie [email protected]}

Movie PictureRoseanne: The Complete Sixth Season

Speaking of family, it's time to go back to your roots and visit the Connor family this holiday season! Out on DVD December 5th, this fun-filled season hits store shelves just in time to make that 90's retrospective couch party you were planning during your winter break. Grab Roseanne: The Complete Sixth Season to make those dreams come true!

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Movie PictureRome: The Complete First Season

Conquer the 2006 holiday season with one of the most ambitious televsion series to ever exist. Beautiful sets, great actors and storyline you won't find anywhere else, Rome: The Complete First Season is going to make you drool. Oh yes, and did I mention the special features? Let's just say your gonna need to log some serious TV time to get through this epic adventure.{@IMG:QdkKhwUc4q4hAkasrLS15uazQj7Ksh|Movie [email protected]}

Movie Picture24: Season 5

Honestly, I can't even formulate the words on how fantastic 24: Season 5 is. Let's just say that I sat down 3 days ago to begin my journey into the show's latest arrival on DVD, and in this small chunk of time I have actually been so hooked I'm already through 18 of the 24 hour-long episodes. How's that for addiction! Give this set to ANYONE. I promise you, they will not be disappointed. Don't miss out...grab your copy today..."There's NO TIME!"

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Movie PictureJames Bond Ultimate Edition, Vol. 1

Things in the world come and go and just like we need the holidays... we needJames Bond This set sees our fearless hero in some of his most amazing adventures, and what better way to celebrate them than during the holidays? Think about it, you've just eaten your turkey feast, grab some dessert and watch James Bond Ultimate Edition, Vol. 1! It sounds good just thinking about it.{@IMG:QdkKhwUc4q4hAkasrLS15uazQj7Ksh|Movie [email protected]}

Movie PictureHome Alone: Family Fun Edition

What better way to bring in the holidays than with this modern holiday classic? Anyone who has ever fought with their parents cannot resist owning this new DVD that promises hours of family fun. Also, who doesn't enjoy an action/comedy film that also works as a piece of light family entertainment. Home Alone: Family Fun Edition gets it's right on all levels.{@IMG:QdkKhwUc4q4hAkasrLS15uazQj7Ksh|Movie [email protected]}

Movie PictureMonster House

While not a holiday film per se, Monster House speaks to anyone who has ever experienced the Fall season. This tale of friends outgrowing and growing back into Halloween, all while they do battle with a nasty house across the street, is not only a thrilling viewing experience, but yet another seminal entry into this warmhearted time of year.{@IMG:QdkKhwUc4q4hAkasrLS15uazQj7Ksh|Movie [email protected]}

Movie PictureA Christmas Story

Who hasn't seen this movie? If you haven't than your holiday season isn't complete without A Christmas Story. This film captures the climate of Christmas, the friendships forged among youth, the desire to have a gift that seems unattainable and the joy of seeing what happens when a child accidentally utters the "F" word.{@IMG:QdkKhwUc4q4hAkasrLS15uazQj7Ksh|Movie [email protected]}