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Since 1995, MovieWeb has grown into a leading filmed entertainment destination, feeding your need for the very best information about everything related to movies. Theatrical, DVD, TV, Video Games - news, interviews, reviews, features, photos, press images, junket coverage, premiers, box office results, contests, trailers, short-films, video features and much, MUCH more!

About 2 years ago, the MovieWeb team started chewing on some ideas to make MovieWeb more... "interactive". Well, what do you know...? Now there's a term for that... Web 2.0. Some of our best friends and business associates are doing some very cool Web 2.0 stuff (and reporting on it), so we decided to get with it. On top of our active forums platform and, alongside our prolific writers and contributors, we're adding some of the greatest features for our users to contribute, collaborate, make friends and share their thoughts on films, DVDs, TV shows, video games and... well... just about anything! We've been rolling this stuff together for a little over a year now and we've finally decided it's ready for our users!


MovieWeb is, quite literally, a "web" of movie lovers from around the world...and their friends, in one place, checking out, discussing, sharing and experiencing movies...a Movie-Web! At MovieWeb, you'll have fun with your friends... and meet lots of new friends and share your thoughts and passions about everything related to filmed entertainment.

You'll start your MyMovieWeb adventure by signing-up and creating your profile. Using this profile, you'll be able to post to the forums, comment on news, reviews, photos, trailers, videos and more. Perhaps the best part is that you'll be able to invite all your friends to join you at MovieWeb (by simply importing them directly from your various webmail and Outlook address books) and make a TON of NEW friends at the site. As you collect friends, you can share your views on films, actors, actresses, news, reviews and more.

MovieWeb's movie community already includes movie information, previews, reviews, news, interviews, showtimes (including theatrical ticketing) box office results, movie images, posters, trailers, featurettes, video clips, film profiles, DVDs (including being able to buy them on the site at the best prices ANYWHERE) and user forums. TONIGHT we're launching the ability to build and maintain your profile, invite your friends, meet new friends, comment on every news item, review, interview, feature, image, video clip or other item on the site.

Every week or so, we'll be launching new features that will totally change the way you think about, discuss and share your movie passion. These upcoming feature releases will BLOW YOU AWAY! You'll be able to do EVERYTHING related to filmed entertainment that you ever wanted to do...and, we bet, lots more!


And check back OFTEN as we release TONS of new features that you won't want to miss.