It's ass-kicking time, and this foot's for you! We're taking a look at the top ten most bad ass, adrenaline-pumping films of all time. We've got samurai warriors, ninjas, assassins, vigilantes, ex-Marines, FBI Agents, drifters, boxers, and gypsies. And they're coming fully loaded with an unlimited supply of ammo and flying fists. These are the ten films that will leave you weeping like a little girl, out of breath on the kitchen floor in a pool of your own blood. These are the movies that have and will continue to kick your ass well into the next Millenium. Violent, blood-soaked, and viscerally dangerous, our list of badass ass-kickers is sure to make you stop whatever it is your doing so that you can watch them all right now. So get yourself some body armor, a bullet proof fest, a mouth guard and check out our list of Badass Adrenaline-Pumping Movies before they crawl through the screen and kick your ass back to next Tuesday!

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