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Okay movie fans, movie lovers and lovers of a different nature, with Valentine's Day approaching you're probably wondering what you should get that special someone in your life. Every year as February 14 inches closer and closer, I am willing to bet arguments could be headed off, last minute runs to the mall would cease, and more couples could enjoy this Holiday if they simply had more of an idea about what to get their better half.

Well, look no further!

What we have here is MovieWeb's fabulous 14 picks (more if you count that there are some box sets on this list) for the films you could really use in your Valentine's Day Collection. Some are older, some are newer, and some won't even be out in time for the holiday. However, with technology being what it is, the printout showing your boyfriend or girlfriend that their gift is on the way should be enough to appease even the hardest of hearts.

Movie PictureThe Notebook

What film in recent memory wore it's heart on it's sleeve as much as this one did? By standing up and declaring the importance of relationships and love this film struck a chord. There are those who derided it as sentimental but chances are this derision stems from being unable to feel this kind of love in the first place. When all is sad and done, after the party is over and everyone's gone home, this is the kind of film two people need to express how they really feel.

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With Failure to Launch, Sahara, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days making up this set, we look at as a happy compromise. The girls get more Matthew than they can shake a stick at, and the guys get to gaze at whatever beauty he has on his arm. Considering that this set mixes comedy, adventure and some action, ultimately these three films could see themselves in play regardless of the time of year. {@IMG:ka5c5KDWonQDDfeXv8Hs6iO0WUw7oP|Movie [email protected]}

Movie PictureAnything But Love, Vol. 1

Richard Lewis and Jamie Curtis present the dilemma that more people face than they probably care to admit: good friends who decide to take their relationship to that mythical next level. Anyone who has ever tried to do this can vouch for just how hard this is, simply because once two people admit they like each other, it becomes work from thereon out. Add to this that a lot of laughs are lost in the process, and that makes this show an essential part of this collection because no matter what these two characters (and the people around them) will keep you laughing.{@IMG:ka5c5KDWonQDDfeXv8Hs6iO0WUw7oP|Movie [email protected]}
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Okay, for about $25 (depending on where you buy this set) you can get 5 films that all say something special about relationships. And since without Valentine's Day there would be no relationships, I think you get the point. This collection boasts How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!, Just Like Heaven, What Women Want, and Forces of Nature. With so many films in one collection, there's bound to be at least one or two for you and your special someone to enjoy multiple times on that cozy couch.{@IMG:ka5c5KDWonQDDfeXv8Hs6iO0WUw7oP|Movie [email protected]}

Movie PictureMad About You: The Complete Third Season

This Third Season sees Paul (Paul Reiser) and Jamie (Helen Hunt) in the kind of relationship that makes us want to be in relationships in the first place. Paul is usually wrong, Jamie is usual right, but everything is done in such a roundabout way that the only thing that matters as that these two characters love one another. I know that sitting home on February 14 watching a sitcom might not seem like the greatest evening, but perhaps as a gift to be watched a few episodes at a time this show could really deliver the love.

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Movie PictureThe Princess Bride

I admit that this release is leaving a lot of the Valentine's Day community out in the cold. Why? How could such charming film about a man that answers a woman's pleas with "As you wish?" ever do that? Well, this is a Blu-ray release of this popular title and with the Blu-ray players still in the early adopters realm, it seems doubtful that that audience would want this title so soon. However, early adopters need love too and what could be better to spice up an evening in front of the TV than a really nice next generation presentation of this movie?{@IMG:ka5c5KDWonQDDfeXv8Hs6iO0WUw7oP|Movie [email protected]}

Movie PictureMen Behaving Badly: The Complete Series

Right now you might be scratching your head wondering about how a show featuring two neanderthals could ever be romantic? Well, we here at MovieWeb are taking the tact of reverse psychology. What better way to appreciate the guy you're currently with than to rifle through all the exploits of Kevin, Jamie and Steve in this 35 episode 4 disc set? If this show doesn't make you love the one you're with than nothing will.

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Movie PictureThe Prestige

Nothing says romance like magic. Okay, nothing says romance like a movie with Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. However, the guys also get to enjoy Scarlett Johansson and Piper Perabo. Add to all this that director Christopher Nolan has crafted one of the best films of last year, and The Prestige suddenly puts the Valentine's evening into a class by itself. On top that, it also adds a bit of class to the whole shebang as well. Sadly, this release comes out after the Holiday but there's always next year, right?{@IMG:ka5c5KDWonQDDfeXv8Hs6iO0WUw7oP|Movie [email protected]}

Movie PictureGoing Shopping

Another release that doesn't hit DVD shelves until February 20 but guys, if you want to score points with your women, simply tell them you bought this film then have them go online and find out what it's about. Henry Jaglom makes women's movies which means there is a big distinction between them and Chick Flicks. Although his films are filled with comedy, they aren't delivered with the usual trappings that accompany such lighter (read: forgettable) fare.{@IMG:ka5c5KDWonQDDfeXv8Hs6iO0WUw7oP|Movie [email protected]}
Movie Picture{26}
How can there even be a Valentine's Day with this film? What girl who saw this movie didn't fall in love with Lloyd Dobbler? What guy didn't want a girlfriend like Diane Court? This is one of the first films that really showed viewers just how ahead of the curve Cameron Crowe could be. What couple won't rejoice in reliving how they first got to know one another? Say Anything is one of those timeless films that never loses the power of it's message, and what better way to spend Valentine's Day then watching this movie?{@IMG:ka5c5KDWonQDDfeXv8Hs6iO0WUw7oP|Movie [email protected]}

Movie PictureCaptain N: The Game Master - The Complete Series

While this is another release that sadly misses the big day by about two weeks, I think it's time we serve one up for the guys and gamers in the audience. Taking viewers back to a safer time and place, the guys (and I'm sure some girls) will love seeing that this DVD set was ordered for them. Filled with Pop Culture references to many of your favorite Nintendo games of yesteryear, there are few gifts that say, "I love you just the way you are" better than this.{@IMG:ka5c5KDWonQDDfeXv8Hs6iO0WUw7oP|Movie [email protected]}

Movie PictureA Good Year

Russell Crowe has romance written all over him as a man who thinks he is going to get some money, but ends up become much richer by falling in love. Audiences didn't seem to want to see Crowe in the role of a man smitten by a woman, but something tells me that A Good Year is a movie that's made to be watched on DVD. Sadly, this is another title that isn't available for Valentine's Day, but sim{@IMG:ka5c5KDWonQDDfeXv8Hs6iO0WUw7oP|Movie [email protected]}

Movie PictureStep Up

Dancing stories always seem to set people's hearts a flutter. Cinema is littered with tales of good girls with bad boys who somehow find one another on the dance floor. In this updating of Romeo and Juliet, couples get a romance with a hip hop flavah. While some of this movie might play like a delectable cheese nugget, there are enough good looking girls and guys to stoke any Valentine's Day fire.{@IMG:ka5c5KDWonQDDfeXv8Hs6iO0WUw7oP|Movie [email protected]}

Movie PictureThe Getaway

Coming to DVD in both HD and Blu-ray, couples everywhere will not only get a taste of the red hot relationship between baddie Steve McQueen and his faithful leading lady (in the movie anyway) Ali MacGraw. Filled with action, intrigue, and 1970s cool, Sam Peckinpah has made a romantic film that doesn't hesitate coming out of the gate. This movie also misses the Valentine's Day mark but why should the love only be spread on February 14th? By having films come out a little past that date, hopefully people will be reminded to love the one they're with all year long.{@IMG:ka5c5KDWonQDDfeXv8Hs6iO0WUw7oP|Movie [email protected]}