In addition to their growing Marvel Phase Three slate, which includes director Edgar Wright's Ant-Man, the studio is also developing feature projects for Ms. Marvel and a Blade reboot. Marvel also has plans for Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Black Panther, and Runaways, but it isn't known if these are being developed for Phase Three or future Phases.

Back in October, we reported that Marvel was eyeing actresses Emily Blunt and Ruth Wilson to play Ms. Marvel in the Phase Two sequel The Avengers 2, but this is the first we're hearing of a stand-alone Ms. Marvel project. Carol Danvers (a.k.a. Ms. Marvel) first appeared in an 1968 issue of Marvel Super-Heroes as a U.S. Air Force member. While the character was not born with super powers, her exposure to a Kree device explosion turned her into a human-Kree hybrid.

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Marvel recently re-acquired the Blade rights from New Line Cinema, although no specific plans for a reboot have been announced yet. Wesley Snipes starred as the title character in 1998's Blade, 2002's Blade 2, and 2004's Blade: Trinity as the Daywalker, a vampire-human hybrid who hunts evil vampires at night.

The studio has also re-acquired the rights to franchises such as Ghost Rider and Daredevil. No feature plans have been announced thus far, and any project based off these properties will likely be many years away from hitting theaters.

In addition, Marvel's Kevin Feige revealed the studio has no plans for spin-off movies for Don Cheadle's War Machine from Iron Man 3, or Anthony Mackie's Falcon from Captain America: The Winter Soldier.