Who will live and who will die in MTV's new Scream TV series based on the popular horror franchise? A new series of character videos introduce the most likely victims, and even a few suspects. The show promises to trot out every single horror cliche imaginable. But what they do with those cliches will be as innovative and as twisted as what Wes Craven did in the movies.

First up in this set of character profile featurettes is Emma the virgin, or the innocent, played by Willa Fitzgerald. She is the protagonist, and in most horror movies, she is the 'final' girl, or the 'sole survivor'. In Scream, Emma is actively trying to take care of the people around her. But with MTV set to bring a new spin to the horror tropes on display, will she make it to the season finale? Or will she be one of the first to go?

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Next, meet Noah The Fool, also known as the comic relief, payed by John Karna. He will always make you laugh, and bring an ease to the tension. But he is very susceptible to knifes. Sure, comedy can be a good way to cope with murder, but will it see you to Season 2? That is highly debatable. Is the Fool doomed? Maybe, maybe not!

Third on the list is the double whammy of Tom Maden as Jake and Connor Weil as Will, the Jocks. Also known as The Jerks. They are bullies who like to exert their control, and are alway up to kick some ass. But that makes them easy prey for the killer. Will they be the first to go at Ghostface's hand? Or is this pair of jocks a little smarter than the average football player? Odds are at least one of them won't make it to the finale.

Finally, we have the creepy loner Kieran played by newcomer Amadeaus Serafini and the equally mysterious Audrey played by Bex Taylor-Klaus. They are both outsiders, which make them highly suspicious. Are we looking at one, or maybe even both, of the killers? We'll have to wait and find out later this summer, with Scream set to debut June 30, only on MTV. While we wait, check out this latest sneak peek! Just who are the victims and who is the killer?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange