MTV offers a super serving of The Real World: Denver on Wednesday, November 22 with an overstuffed premiere event beginning at 8pm ET/PT. Along with the extra helpings of premiere episode, many other sides are offered including a special super tease of the new season and the debut of this season's live After Show on with host Saul Friedman (

MTV aims to satisfy the audiences hunger for The Real World: Denver with the three servings of the premiere see it at 8pm or 9pm or just join in at the regular 10pm slot. In the premiere episode, Colie, Jenn, Tyrie, Alex, Brooke, Davis, and Stephen move into their fabulous new house in Denver and waste no time getting to know each other. The stage is set for conflict right off the bat when Alex hooks up with Colie and Jenn in the first 48 hours. And things heat up when Stephen tells Davis he thinks it's wrong to be gay.

At 11pm ET/PT, the premiere of the live, weekly After Show will commence on with regular host Saul Friedman, as well as special guest Robin ( The Real World: San Diego ). Also, Brooke ( The Real World: Denver ) will call in on webcam to take questions from viewers.

This season viewers will see the cast go from nightlife in trendy Mile High City to wildlife in the Rocky Mountains. While experiencing all the excitement that Denver has to offer, the roommates will also work with kids who were affected by Hurricane Katrina for their job at Outward Bound Wilderness. Working with Outward Bound Wilderness, a non-profit educational organization, will take the cast to new heights as they learn to scale mountains and live without the comforts of home. The roommates breakaway during the season, escaping on an Asian adventure to Thailand. However, all is not well in the house this season when clashes over race, religion and homosexuality come to a head. And tensions rise when quick hook-ups and inter-cast romances complicate matters.