Heading into the weekend, most box office prognosticators predicted that Universal's The Mummy reboot wouldn't be able to best the hit superhero movie Wonder Woman, which turned out to be true. The Mummy debuted in second place with an estimated $32.2 million, which was below many box office projections that had put the movie at over a $40 million debut. While the movie is certainly struggling domestically, that is surely not the case overseas, where the movie has already made back its sizable $125 million budget after just one weekend.

Deadline reports that The Mummy has earned an impressive $141.8 million this weekend from 63 international box office markets. The $141.8 million international tally and the $174 million global debut marks career bests for Tom Cruise. The movie was number 1 in 46 of the 63 territories, with China leading the pack with an impressive $52.2 million. Many thought that this movie would not be able to best Tom Cruise's all-time best opening weekend figures, especially given The Mummy's negative critical reception, with the movie currently a 19% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, the actor's global star power plus the growth shown in the Chinese market essentially nullified the poor critical reception.

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This mark breaks Tom Cruise's previous record for best international and global box office debut set by 2005's War of the Worlds, which earned $102.5 million internationally and $167.4 million worldwide in its opening weekend. That movie opened at $64.8 million domestically, en route to $234.2 million domestic and $597.1 million worldwide, from a $132 million budget. While The Mummy certainly won't be able to match War of the Worlds' global tally, if the movie keeps performing well internationally, it could very well surpass War of the Worlds final take. There are only a handful of international markets the movie has yet to open in, with the France premiere set for June 14, Greece and Israel opening on June 15 and the final market, Japan, debuting on July 28.

At the time of War of the Worlds' box office debut, China wasn't nearly the international powerhouse that it is now. It's also worth noting that one of Tom Cruise's recent movies, 2015's Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation had much more longevity than War of the Worlds, although it didn't have as big of an opening weekend. Rogue Nation opened with $64.5 million in just 40 markets including Korea, the UK and Mexico, although the movie didn't debut in important markets like China, Japan, Brazil and France until a later date. It ended up earning an impressive $487.6 million internationally, with the $64.5 million debut representing just 13.3% of its worldwide total. China was easily the most successful international market, with $135.6 million coming out of the Middle Kingdom alone. It's possible that this first Dark Universe movie could end up with a box office performance similar to Warcraft.

When Universal rolled out its highly-anticipated video game adaptation Warcraft, the reviews were not very positive either, much like The Mummy, garnering just a 28% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Much like director Alex Kurtzman's The Mummy, Warcraft floundered domestically, opening with $24.8 million, but dropping a massive 70% in its second weekend, staying in theaters for just seven weeks with a domestic tally of $47.1 million. However, the movie was a big hit overseas, earning $386.3 million, for a worldwide tally of $433.6 million from a $160 million budget. It performed extremely well in China, with a $65.1 million debut en route to a $213.5 million tally in the Middle Kingdom. Since The Mummy is off to such a good start internationally, it's possible that it could mirror the unconventional success of Warcraft.