Have you seen this yet? Because it's truly the funniest movie-related thing you'll witness today. And perhaps it was 'accidentally' uploaded by some poor intern who felt the world needed a smile heading into what is becoming a truly dark holiday season. Whatever the case may be with you, The Mummy trailer with missing audio is sure to put a smile on your face.

Tom Cruise has faced some embarrassing moments in his career. From jumping up and down on the couch while visiting Oprah to his angry meltdown with Matt Later on The Today Show. But his isolated screams in this de-mixed version of The Mummy trailer might be the most awkward yet. Even Brendan Fraser, who was booted from the franchise, is somewhere hanging his head in shame as we speak. This is sad. But so glorious at the same time. And it's sure to become a cultural blip that Universal should celebrate.

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Sure, Universal is attempting to reboot their Monsters franchise, and they probably didn't want things to turn out like this. But they really should embrace it. IMAX recently released their version of The Mummy trailer without most of the sound effects include. There are grunts, groans, screams and sighs, coupled with the occasional snippets of dialogue. We also get some of Russell Crowe's narration as Dr. Henry Jekyll. The end result is not quite like anything you've seen before. And in short, it's kind of perfect.

The Mummy trailer without music is awkward. More importantly, it's hilarious. And it highlights just how important sound editors are. The Academy should jump on this, and highlight this version, or some form of it, at the Oscars just to demonstrate and drive the point home. Those nominees worked hard to get where they are and here's the proof. This trailer could be used to insure that everyone playing in the field of sound gets some kind of raise or bonus this holiday season.

The Independent claims that IMAX 'accidentally' left this version of the trailer on their Youtube page for 6 whole days. And yes, that was long enough for the Internet to catalogue and share their mistake, even after IMAX pulled it away. It has since circulated to all corners of the Internet, including the dark web, where the more ghoulish trolls are having a good laugh.

The official synopsis for The Mummy explains that this version revolves around the franchise's first ever female monster. Thought safely entombed in a crypt deep beneath the unforgiving desert, an ancient queen (Sofia Boutella of Kingsman: The Secret Service and Star Trek Beyond) whose destiny was unjustly taken from her, is awakened in our current day, bringing with her malevolence grown over millennia and terrors that defy human comprehension. From the sweeping sands of the Middle East through hidden labyrinths under modern-day London, The Mummy brings a surprising intensity and balance of wonder and thrills in an imaginative new take that ushers in a new world of gods and monsters.

Universal has a whole Monsters Universe planned for the very near future. It will include the Invisible Man, Wolf Man, Van Helsing, Bride of Frankenstein and Russell Crowe in his own Jekyll and Hyde standalone adventure. Perhaps future trailers for this cinematic playground won't be quite as funny. But luckily we have the trailer here for everyone to have a good laugh as we head into the holiday weekend, along with some of the very funny tweets that followed in its wake.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange