James Gunn has chosen a side in the battle against The Muppets and Sesame Street. He backs his claim with some passion and thinks everybody should make their choice wisely. As the world continues to use social distancing, social media has been a hotbed for entertainment and it got pretty heated yesterday when someone asked who would win in a knife fight, The Muppets or Sesame Street. Most of the answers may surprise you, including Gunn's.

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn caught wind of the social media battle and had to weigh in on it. As of this writing, Sesame Street is winning the online poll with 51.5% of the vote. The Muppets are at 48.5%. This may come as a shock to a lot of people, but not Gunn. He is repping the Street. Gunn explains.

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"WTF. Too many people are voting Muppets and forgetting what a natural born killer Snuffleupagus is. Yes I KNOW Animal and Piggy are hardcore. But [are they] Oscar and Cookie tough? No. Absolutely not. Don't f**k this up Twitter."

When people started to question why The Muppets are losing, James Gunn shared his opinion once more. "Because the Muppets are basically a bunch of theater students and the Sesame folks live on the Street, and they also have a Dracula on their team," said the director. Gunn is catching some flak for his position on the subject, while also gaining a ton of support. In fact, his attention to the subject may have been what brought Sesame Street to the winning side. Also, big ups to Gunn for spelling Snuffleupagus correctly.

When looking at these replies, there are a lot of people leaving Sweetums out of the equation. Sweetums and Animal have a good chance of taking the Sesame Street gang on their own. Plus, there's Bunsen and Beaker with the brains behind-the-scenes. Do we even really need to talk about Gonzo and Miss Piggy bringing the ruckus? While there really are no winners in this particular knife fight, there should be more of a solid argument for team Muppets. For now, we'll just have to see where the voting ends up. Elmo is currently hiding under a bed somewhere.

Sesame Street and The Muppets are intertwined and have been since the beginning. They're all buddies, but there are distinct differences. Big Bird and crew are there to educate the children of the world, while The Muppets, who are also sometimes educational, are more for an adult audience. Jim Henson would probably not like the fact that this fight is happening on social media right now, but he probably would enjoy the fact that people are being civil as they try to stay indoors and prevent the spread of coronavirus. There's still some time to vote, so head over to Kaci Marie's Twitter account to vote. You can check out some of James Gunn's replies below.