Strongman Pictures Entertainment today announced that principal photography for the Roller Derby slasher, MurderDrome, began today in Melbourne.

Like any good Roller Derby player Cherry Skye wears her undies on the outside and her panties on her head. It's no wonder she's caught the eye of spunky Brad Brad. Unfortunately she's also earned the ire of Brad's ex, Hell Grazer, a girl born to win and ready to skate over anything in her path to get what she wants.

When romantic rivalries flare up the conflict rolls onto the streets and awakens the malevolent demon-spirit of a murderess. Suddenly Skye is sprinting towards the MurderDrome at breakneck speed, pursued by supernatural evil and the wrath of a lover scorned.

Welcome to The MurderDrome. It's not a game anymore...

"MurderDrome is a supernatural slasher film", says Daniel Armstrong, Director, Strongman Pictures Entertainment. "It follows the perils of a team of Roller Derby players hunted by the demon ghost of a vengeful murderess... and it's all on skates".

Although frequently humorous, and aggressively B Grade in style, MurderDrome is not a parody of slasher movies. "All the producers are children of the 80s, so we love the genre too much to do that", says Daniel Armstrong, "but we play with it and have re-imagined the possibilities for an entirely online, episodic release on YouTube".

Daniel Armstrong intends to approach many scenes as action horror. "The fact that all the characters are Roller Derby skaters really drew me to the project", says Daniel Armstrong. "The opportunities for unique action sequences presented by having all the cast on wheels is pretty exciting and challenging".

MurderDrome is expected to go into post production in October this year and be released as a 5 part web series, promoted and distributed entirely free online via Strongman Pictures Entertainment's YouTube channel. Subscribe now to catch every episode ( or follow MurderDrome on Facebook(

Release date to be announced.

MurderDrome stars Amber Sajben as Cherry Skye, and Bianca Currie as Momma Skate.

Co-Stars include Jake Brown, Kathryn Anderson, Cyndi Lawbreaker, and Rachael Blackwood as Hell.

Supporting cast include Farah Force-It, Laws A-Breakin', Tommy Hellfire, Daisy Masterman, Dayna Seville and Max Marchione, with appearances by Demonique Deluxe, Pepper Minx and Gillian Poppinskulls.

Produced by Daniel Armstrong, Louise Monnington and Anthony Moran.