Moviehole caught up with Prison Break and I Know What You Did Last Summer star Muse Watson who answered a few reader questions on some of his upcoming projects. Among the topics discussed; his new horror film The House of Grimm with Tony Todd - which sounds like it'll never see the light of day; and the big one... the I Know What You Did Last Summer reunion. He's also reuniting with Jennifer Love Hewitt for Ghost Whisperer!

Here's a few questions from the interview:

Q. Craig asks: Hi, what was the story with the 3rd I Know What You Did Last Summer pic? Were you ever asked back? If so what was the original plot outline, or did they just move on without asking?

A. Muse : Hi, Craig. My agent sent me a copy of the proposed script. I can't say what dialog went on between my agent and the producers, but the script was nothing short of dribble, and I told my agent that. Still, if Love had agreed to do it, I probably would have. I was really disappointed. At the same time I felt possessive of the character. I worked long and hard creating 'Ben Willis' and his movement. How would you feel if they announced Austin Powers 3 tomorrow starring Steven Seagal? It should not be listed with the other two. No one, producer, writer, actor, director, no one associated with the first two were with this picture. Please stop listing it with the other two! It's at best a take-off. Not a sequel. It does not deserve to be called the 3rd. It's "I'll Always Know something something something". Period.

Q. Ben Clarkson, Iowa, asks : You did a film with Tony Todd called The House of Grimm a while back. Is that still happening, if so, when can we see it? It will be great to see two horror icons sharing the screen together.

A. Muse : I have no idea where this film went. It came along when I had some free time and when I got to the set I filmed three of the five scenes that were written in the script and two that were not and several weeks later a buddy of mine called who had a small role and said he was having trouble getting paid. They seemed a tad disorganized.

Q. Bob asks : what can we see you in next?

A. Muse : Feburary 7th ( in the states) you will see me as Mickey Bates on Criminal Minds and then again as Mike Franks on "NCIS" a couple of weeks later. This week I am filming an episode of Ghost Whisperer with my old friend Jennifer Love Hewitt. It will be such a pleasure to work with her again. She is the best.

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