Movie Picture{11} hits theaters this Tuesday! Don't miss out this Monday for a special edition of {12} where he talks about the movie as well as the {13} he had on the set of this boxing epic!New stuff coming to Lights Out in the coming weeks! Special features, movies that aren't Deaths End, and a whole new Mushy! As we always say....STAY TUNED!!! For now, check out the {14} circling Hollywood!

In other movie news...

Everyone seems to have very good feelings about Lord of The Rings. To keep the excitement high this holiday season, I wanted to give everyone some great stuff to check out during your little vacation! Have fun!

  • Click here to play the Lord Of he Rings Flash game! help Frodo find the ring! Do it now!
  • Take a journey of Middle Earth...of'll need a map to do that.
  • Watch 1 minute clips from the film! Then get out of your damn house and experience the genius of the movie!

Some interesting news came through today from some Hollywood moguls about the cost of doing commentary tracks on special edition DVDs. Some Hollywood big shots even went as far as stating that they might just stop doing commentary tracks altogether because of the expense. All I know know is that Corey Feldman should never be allowed to do a commentary track ever again. Read the article.

  • The official Queen Of The Damned site has launched with plenty of goodies to keep you entertained. Click.
  • Dark Horizons reports that Peter Jackson announced to the press that a rough cut of the next 2 Lord Of The Rings is already finished. Jackson also stated that the movies will run 2.5-3 hours each, with over 500 FX shots in each film.
  • Lights Out Entertainment's very own javascript:void(0|Mushy can be spotted in certain scenes of the new Ali movie. Stay tuned for more details of this in the 10 minute Mushy's Movie Minute Year End Roundup appearing this Monday on javascript:void(0|MMM.

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