My friends as the month of August is upon us, you will notice I am sure that there is no new edition of MUSHY'S FRONT ROW SHOW. I could tell a tale, plea for your sympathy, but my beloved, we all know that that will not make up for the void that I am positive has been created in all your lives. And it won't make the show miraculously appear either.

Basically, I have been having some technical difficulties both with computers and my ability to achieve movie information. After many sleepless nights, I consulted Kerouacand Bobby and they told me to postpone the show until I was "up to speed." After consulting with my attorney, Tim Lunsford, we reached an agreement with LOE and Co. and it was decided that I would "sit this month out."

Have no fear, javascript:void(0|THE MINUTE with continue interrupted and I look forward to returning in September with a new installment of MUSHY'S FRONT ROW SHOW, the most watched entertainment show on the internet!!!

Yours Sincerely,