Rocky VI: There have been tons of rumors and hearsay circulating through the land of entertainment news the last month about where Sylvester Stallone stands on rehashing his star making roles in Rambo and Rocky with new additions to each series.

Well, being the boxing fan that he is, and a successful screen writer, with over 30 scripts under his belt, Lights Out's very javascript:;|Mushy has gone and written a script for the next Rocky film. And let me tell you, his script is a lot better then the proposed Dolph Lundgren script that Stallone himself has been rumored to be writing. But let's let javascript:;|Mushy tell you himself.

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Hello world!

I heard that they were going to be making ROCKY 6. I got a brief outline of the plot, ROCKY has step back into the ring to fight one more time to save a youth center that he is running. Well, I thought about it and finally I realized, I had to throw my hat into the ring. I would spend 3 days and write the entire script. I had met a women from Irwin Winkler's production company (he and Robert Chartoff produced all the ROCKY movies) and I decided that I had her address and contact info, so she would receive the script once it was done.

I wrote the script in a weekend. I included a release form and in my cover letter I stated that no matter what happened with the script, they would not be sued. I also included a résumé and business card. Well, 3 days later I got the script sent back to me with following letter.

Evan (my real name),

In the interest of our legal protection, I am returning this "ROCKY VI" script to you unread. Sylvester Stallone is writing the new script and we expect to receive it very soon. Thanks for your interest. Good luck with your endeavors.

Well, it could've been worse, I could have not heard from these people at all right? In the spirit of ROCKY, I took a shot. It didn't go so great but I tried. And that my friends, is what it is all about.


P.S. Not to give TOO much away, but in my script Rocky does fight again AND the bout is more brutal then the one he had against Ivan Drago in Rocky IV.Movie PictureSo in the hopes of trying to get some interest generated towards Mushy's script, we are giving YOU the chance to read it and let Mushy know what you think! Who knows, we might even get enough interest where Mushy might get a call from Stallone himself...we'll see!

{|CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD MUSHY'S ROCKY VI SCRIPT!}{@@@[email protected]@@}{@@@[email protected]@@}

Once you've read the script...


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