What the hell is this...retro week at Lights Out? Seems some of the original Lights Out "pioneers" have come back to fill our hearts with some movie magic this week! Let's see what's going on...

Movie PictureWe had a contest, and the response was huge. One thing is for sure...people love Mushy!

Once a week Mushy suckers us in with his movie review show, javascript:void(0|Mushy's Movie Minute, but now a new era has dawned! Mushy has conjured all of his magical movie mischief and created a NEW SHOW that combines all of the raw Mushy you have grown to love and into a quality half of a half of a half hour's worth of Movie "stuff". Join Mushy as he spouts off the latest rants and raves that are circling like a swarm of buzzards in that place full of buzzards called Hollywood.

Don't delay any longer! Watch Mushy's new monthly segment: MUSHY'S FRONT ROW SHOW right now! CLICK HERE

And congratulations to the "Name Mushy's Show Contest" winner: Swexxi

Movie Picture

Ok...wait a second. I thought DROID was dead? Yeah...me too, but he is back with a report from a midnight screening of The Neverending Story!!! This is huge people. Take a look inside DROID's perverted little fetish for Atreyu and The Neverending Story in this Lights Out exclusive...LESS THAN 10 FEET FROM ATREYU By DROID!!!

CLICK HERE to read Droid's twinktacular bitter bit!

The DVD DUNGEON is coming. Stay tuned... ~Brian