Hey everyone! Sorry for the lag time on this week's javascript:void(0|Mushy's Movie Minute, but I had to get the facts straight for next Sunday's javascript:void(0|MMM 25th Anniversary party! That's right! We've been doing javascript:void(0|MMM for 25 weeks straight and we're having a little get together! Guess what? You're all invited!

The little get together will start at a little ghetto dive called Shakey's Pizza in Costa Mesa, CA. For the Map click here. After we get our grub on and our diarrhea churning we will head to the beautiful Irvine Spectrum where we will all enjoy The Score. After the movie we will film the special 25th anniversary edition of javascript:void(0|MMM in which all who show up will be featured! It's gonna be fun so don't miss out! Let us know if you will be attending! (In light of Lights Out having absolutely NO money, the food and the movie will not be funded by our great organization. We will however be bringing a cake for all to enjoy. BYO$.) The party starts at 1PM! Be there!

Mushy rocks...and oh yeah...bye the way...the new javascript:void(0|MMM is up!...~Brian