The term "must see" can be somewhat dubious. Sure, we think there are 15 movies worth seeing but that doesn't necessarily mean Joe or Jill Moviegoer is going to agree with us. However, in this day and age when there's no shortage of movie content, an overabundance of scripted TV programming, and the number of hours in the day are still a paltry 24, a list like the "15 must see movies of 2015" isn't just necessary, it's vital. Throughout your day there are many pieces of content competing for your eyeballs. Whether you are in a movie, watching TV, on the computer, your tablet or your smartphone, there is always something to see. However, is it a MUST SEE? We feel that the following 15 movies more than meet that criteria.

1Star Wars: The Force Awakens - December 18

Star Wars The Force Awakens

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This is the 7th film in the thought to be completed Star Wars Franchise. There is nothing else I can say about this movie to make you want to see it. More to the point, I shouldn't have to say anything else. And, if you are not familiar with this movie... I would like to do a documentary film on what living under a rock must be like for you.

B. Alan Orange