Netflix has once again flexed their muscle and picked up yet another highly-anticipated movie. Warcraft director Duncan Jones is heading back to the world of sci-fi for his next movie Mute, and Netflix will be distributing it. Those hoping to see the director's next effort in theaters need not worry, as it looks like the streaming service will be giving Mute a theatrical release in addition to online distribution on their platform.

Empire learned that Netflix struck a deal to distribute Mute from Alexander Skarsgard, who is playing the lead in the movie. The actor recently appeared on the Empire Podcast and revealed that the streaming service will indeed be releasing the movie next year. It sounds like Netflix will be using a familiar strategy this time around as well. Here is what he had to say about it.

"I think they'll do what they did with Beasts Of No Nation, where they do a theatrical simultaneously to a Netflix release."

Beasts of No Nation was received very well critically, but completely faltered in theaters and as a result, didn't quite get the awards season recognition that many felt it deserved. That movie served as something of an experiment for Netflix though and they probably learned a thing or two. So Mute will probably fare a bit better as the streaming service will likely adjust their strategy a bit. In the last year, Netflix has made a huge push for original movies, but most of them just debut on the streaming service with no theatrical release, so it is interesting that they want Mute in theaters. It could very well mean that the streaming service feels Mute has some awards-season potential since the Academy requires a theatrical release to qualify for Oscar consideration.

Before tackling the /predator-4-reboot-scale-budget-schwarzenegger-talks/big-budget video game adaptation Warcraft, Duncan Jones had been primarily working in small to mid-range budgeted sci-fi movies such as Moon and Source Code. He has been planning on making Mute for quite some time, which will serve as part of a trilogy that includes Moon. As for how the movies connect, if they truly connect at all, remains a mystery. Sam Rockwell, who played the lead character in Moon, is rumored to be appearing in Mute, which was also teased by Alexander Skarsgard, who simply said "maybe" when asked if he would be showing up in the movie.

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Mute is said to take place 30 years from now in a dystopian future. The movie will take place in Berlin and center on Leo Beiler (Alexander Skarsgard), a mute bartender (hence the name) who is looking for his missing girlfriend. In order to track her down, he will have to go head-to-head with the city's gangsters. Here is how Skarsgard describes his character in the movie.

"It's about a guy who was in an accident as a kid. He's ex-Amish, so he lives a very monastic life: he doesn't have a cell phone or anything like that. He's left the [Amish] community but he still kinda follows the rules."

Mute is currently filming in Berlin and will serve as the fourth feature length movie from Duncan Jones. His most recent movie Warcraft didn't make very much money domestically, but did bring in $433 million worldwide, making it the highest grossing video game movie of all-time. Prior to that, he gained a lot of critical acclaim for Moon and his 2011 movie Source Code was a success, grossing $147 million worldwide from a $32 million budget. Mute is expected to come out sometime next year, but as of right now there is no release date set. When the release date is announced, it will simply be a matter of deciding if it is worth your box office dollars, or if you would rather stay at home and watch it on Netflix.

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